10 July 1878

Davis Stake Relief Society; Farmington Meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah Territory

Single-story, stone meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900

Farmington meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

[. . .] In the afternoon Miss Snow spoke upon the efforts which were being made to become self-sustaining, the various duties of Saints, the mission given to the Relief Societies to manufacture silk, and called for all the sisters who were raising cocoons to give their names to the Secretary. [. . .] Miss E. R. Snow, by request of the officers of the Stake, after some explanatory remarks, nominated Mrs. Nancy A. Clark to preside over the Y. L. M. I. [Young Ladies Mutual Improvement] Associations of Davis Co. Stake; the vote to sustain her in that office was unanimous. [. . .] [p. 29]

Source Note

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