28 October 1869

Pleasant Grove Ward Relief Society; Pleasant Grove Meetinghouse, Pleasant Grove, Utah Territory

A single-story white building with two extending wings and a central bell tower over the front door

The Pleasant Grove meetinghouse was built in 1864, and later used as the Pioneer Hall by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. (Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.)

On the 28th Oct 1869 Presidentess E. R. Snow. made us a visit and instructed us more fully with regard to taking the minutes of meetings and the manner of conducting the affairs of the Society generally.

The Society had held meetings quite regularly but we had not been particular enough in taking minutes of meetings. And we also found we had not got the proper form of keeping an account of other matters connected with the buisiness transactions of the society; Sister Snow set us right with regard to all these things.

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Pres. E. R. Snow, said it was almost needless for her to say anything after the Brethren have spoken but their is so much to be <said> I will say a few things.

She had the record of the first Female Relief Society in Novoo [Nauvoo] 1842 read some of the minutes showing the order of calling Officers and what officers were to be called also told why Persons were called Elect Lady it was because She was called to Preside over one of these Societies.

After reading the minutes she said the Society was not a Plaything but it was a part of the Priestood. [. . .]

Prest E R Snow said she wished to say a few words to the Officers of this society it is the duty of the President and councilers to Preside as the President of the Church presides and it is the duty of the Secretary to be at evry meeting and read all minutes have them put to vote but have them correct b[e]fore approved or put on record and the price and donations Should all be written and an account keept of all things given and disbursed so their be no misunderstanding about any thing.

Spoke to the Persons acting as teachers told them to get the Spirit of their calling for they are called to teach and comfort and not to be beggars but to impart the spirit of life and comfort as a mother would to her child for they are sometimes under the cloud of trouble and need comforting and instructing, gave much good instructions to the society and urged the Sisters to be noble elivated and dignified in action and thought trust in god and walk forward be useful in the work of God and not live by halves but be whole hearted with God and his work if things are dark and we can only see one step before us take that step and God will open our way to see another

Let not your sympathy carry you to[o] far in releiving persons that you are not sure are needy for you have the right to know fully the condition of all Persons you releive as not to be imposed upon, donet [don’t] let your pitty lead you [p. 6] to do wrong by saying to a sister that is in trouble that you think she has two much to bear, for such sympathy will only tend to weaken instead of strengthen her to bear her trouble like a saint should do. It is the sisters duty to make her home a heaven both for the comfort of our children and our husbands and if your husband takes another wife dont drive him from you some where else for comfort but try to make him comfortable at home with you and not drive him away, a woman that is a good housekeeper is building up the kingdom as much as a man that go<es> on missions the home is the foundation of all things.

With regard to plurality of wives we should not be tried about it for it is the only way to a fullness of glory salvation and exoltation any one that operats against it will be sure to loose the spirit of God. Sisters be submisive and obedient to the requirements of God and his servents, for it is the mother that has the power to lead the child to greatness by being honest and truthful, with out this no one can ever attain to greatness.

Gave much more good instruction and blessed the Society The Bishop [John Brown] endorsed the remarks of all the speakers.

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Source Note

Pleasant Grove Branch, Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1901), vol. 1 (1868–1892), pp. 4–7, CHL (LR 7006 14); Pauline E. Brown, Secretary.

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