13 May 1874

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward Relief Society and Young Ladies; Fourteenth Ward Relief Society Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Two-story, brick building surrounded by women, men, and children, with a sign above the entrance reading “Groceries & Provisions”

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward Relief Society Hall, circa 1892. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

[. . .]

Pres. Mrs. [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne said:—I have invited the sisters, that we may organize the young ladies into a Retrenchment Society. I wish them to talk to us.

Sr. E. R. Snow being present arose & said:—

I have nothing on my mind in particular, but situated as we are, it is a pity if we have nothing to say. We have plenty of good things to say, & not half as much fault to find as Mrs. [Victoria C.] Woodhull had last evening She does not understand our position here: if she understood the Gospel she would have much to rejoice in, & she would know the reforms we are laboring for.

As for this new Order (old order I will call it for it is as old as the plan of salvation) I have no hesitancy in regard to it. It is led by the Priesthood & if we have enough of the spirit of light to know that this is the Priesthood of God, then let us follow them, & whatever occurs it is all right. (As was remark [remarked] in your munits [minutes]) I feel thankful that God is feeling after his people. Shall we be without trials? No! I heard Joseph Smith remark that we are only saved as far as we have won the victory. I think we are to be hurried up faster than heretofore.

God has said that this generation shall not pass away till there is a temple built in Jackson County. How is this to be done? Since this Order has been talked of, I think I can catch glimpses of how this can be brought about.

God will have a fund which he can apply [p. 270] to this purpos[e].

I have been asked, if in this order there will be any use for the R. S. [Relief Society] It seems to me the R. S. will have much more to do. I do not see how else it can be brought about.

I am proud of our Relief Organizations. They are most efficient. Mentioned, as an example, the circulation of the Petition to the City Council against the Liquor Licence. It was last evening presented with over four thousand names attached. It occupied two rows on the width of a sheet of paper & 20 yds in length. Now I do not know else this could have been done in so short a time.

We shall be called upon to establish Tailoring Establishments. I would reccommend to our sisters to look around & select competent persons for these situations.

I spoke of trials. Now I do not think it well for us to think or speak too much of our trials or our ills; if we do they generally increase. I am trying to think less of myself & more of the kingdom of God, & when we do this we get along much better.

When I was baptized into this Church I started out for a fullness of Celestial glory, & I do not wish to fall short now. The Savior is soon coming & he will come to us long before he will set foot upon the Mt. of Olives. We need not fear, but I do not think I need to say that to my sisters here, but there are some who are troubled. It is because they do not understand the one great principal, that there are but two parties, the kingdom of God & the kingdom of the devil.

Blessed us & prayed that we may so live that the spirit of God may shine in our countenances & enlighten our minds, & lead us continually.

I wish to make a few remarks to our Young Ladies who have just been organized. You are being educated according to the manner of the world, to be ornaments in Babylon. Our young ladies need something else: they must have it. [p. 271]

They must be educated in the principles of our religion. They must have the Holy Ghost.

Many say what is the use of the young meeting together to sing & pray. This is what we need that we may get rid of the spirit of the world, & enjoy the spirit of the Lord. If they have this they will know what to wear & how to act & we shall not have to tell them not to associate with gentiles, for they will have no desire to do so. Amen.

[. . .] [p. 272] [. . .]

After a few minutes of silence, Sr. Snow said Sr. Sarah [B.] Phelps, I feel that the gift of tongues is upon you: if so exercise it, for there is sufficient unity here to permit it to be exercised.

She then spoke to some length & all felt that the spirit of the Lord was present. Sr. Zina [D. H. Young] had the interpretation & the substance of it was that the Lord was well pleased with us; & we were earnestly exhorted to continue in well doing & that He would bless us, & that we should rejoice in the order, & many other things to encourage & strengthen us.

Sr. [Mercy R.] Thompson said: I wish to say a few [p. 273] words. I know that this Order is of God & I have a testimony for myself, & if we live right & seek the spirit of God we need never doubt.

Sr. [Wilmirth G.] East spoke well of the Order & earnestly exhorted the sisters to dilligence & good works.

[. . .]

Pres. Horne said:—

I have been pleased with the spirit of all which have been said this afternoon. All who have the spirit of the Lord rejoice when they meet as we do.

About this Order we ought at all times so to live that we know the voice of the good Shepherd. I know it is of God & I wish to be among the first to join.

I heard a sister say she guessed she would wait & see how it worked. I told her I should not like to be in her place. I have always endeavored so to live that I may be ready for every thing.

[. . .]

Benediction by E. R. Snow.

[. . .] [p. 274]

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