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4 December 1873

Weber County Young Ladies; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone building with balcony and clock tower

Ogden City Hall, circa 1866–1906, Ogden, Utah Territory. Photograph by Charles R. Savage.

[. . .]

Sister Jane S Richards I would say that we are again much gratified to have Sister Sister Snow and Sister [Zina D.] Young with us. A number of us went to Hooperville [Hooper] yesterday in the cold and returned all safe. Sister Snow and Young would like to hear from the Sisters thought it best to commence that way. Sister Sarah Herrick. For my part I feel very thankful Sister Snow and Sister Young are again with us. We went yesterday to Hooperville I was well paid, there was a great many more there to meeting than I expected to See. [n.p.]

The young Ladies from Professor Monch’s [Louis F. Moench’s] School came in. Sister Herrick continued I will now finish. Sister Snow gave us good instruction and if all that was under the sound of her voice, and will improve by what they heard will gain a Salvation If I had had the opportunities these young girls have I could do better. My young Sisters if you will commence this day to practice speaking when you are as old as I am you can speak as well as Sister Snow [. . .]

Sister Eliza. R. Snow. I want to get somewhere to face the audience I think there is inspiration on these faces Any woman might be proud to face such [n.p.] an audience as this. It is such a scene as this that presents to me the most interest. The mothers and daughters meeting to-gether in this Society. I presume these young Ladies have all been baptised they have a right to the fullness and blessings of the Gospel. To see them come together like this Shows that they feel they have duties to perform. Much depends upon Mothers if they are alive to the work of the Gospel and live their religion. As soon as a little girl or boy is baptised they should understand they have duties to perform I would have them associated meet together learn to pray and speak. I am <real> well pleased and grateful to God that Sister Richards and her associates have been so successful in calling the young Ladies around them. Sister Herrick says if we had the same privileges you have we could do better. I don’t know how far advanced we should be, I think we would be far enough advanced to have conve[r]se with angels. You can become with all the [n.p.] privaleges you have the wisest, and most noted women of the earth. You will increase in intelligence, you will increas in politeness & you will increse in every thing that is good, and you will become as polished stones. These Societies are formed that you may grow in Wisdom. You are baptised that you may be wise in the things of God. You can become women of high degree, or sink into disgrace. If these young Ladies will listen to Sister Richards and her associates they will receive great benefit.—If you will devote the long winter evenings in obtaining knowledge, you will be thankful in time to come. Without the Spirit of God your learning will do you but little good. If you have His Spirit you will become wise women, those that are in the world will sink into insignificence. You will rise to renown and become women to be looked up to; The world will become devast[at]ed and many will come up to Zion. When they come they will seek for wise women. [n.p.] If you continue in the course you are pursuing, and seek to obtain knowled[g]e you will be wise women. Do not think I do not want you to have any recreation. I like to see you lively and it is no harm to dance. You want to go to bed early if you want a countenance glowing with health. If you need council and have no Mother go to Sister Richards. One thing in consideration is to be forgiving, beneficient & charitable, if one does wrong, not to turn a cold shoulder to her, be kind to her, take her by the hand, and help her along: do all you can to help her. I would say to the sisters as a Relief Society. Seek after those that are cast down, and are in trouble or have gone astray. help them forward. Often when one gets out of the way they go from bad to worse, if they had some kind Sister to step forward and help them along, and <it would> be to them their Salvation. help them to obtain work, it is very demoralising to help those that can [n.p.] work. The Sisters should look after this, and help those that are not able to work. It is the duty of the Society to look out for these things, The President can appoint a committee to look into these things. One Society I visited, a woman was pointed out to me that was assisted by the Society. She looked strong and well I wish I could remember how much tea and sugar she used in a month she was better off than some of them that helped her. I asked the President if she did not know that she was wasting the means she was steward over. If there are any despondent they should be looked after, if it is spiritual care they need they should have it. kind words will help to cheer the most despondent. These my little Sisters, will some day be called upon to do these things. if they will commence and try to do a little good they will grow up to be able to do a great deal of good. When I went to school I always wanted to be at the head of the class [n.p.] I used to study evenings. I used [to] get my duties done as soon as I could. So I could study if there was anything to repeat I would repeat the first thing in the morning. The young Ladies have every other day for Physiology it is a new study you will have to familiarize yourselves to new words. I would like to see here in Ogden a class of 30 students in Physiology. I think it also a nescessary <study> for boys. My council is for all to study Physiology that can. We do not expect all to be M.D.s Every young Lady that calculates to marry should study it. I say unto you my young sisters, God bless you. I shall inquire after you every chance I have, I shall watch your course, and pray for you that you may become honorable women, and Saviours on Mount Zion.

[. . .] [n.p.] [1 unnumbered page omitted] [. . .]

Sister E. Snow They that fear the Lord and speak often shall be mine when I make up my jewels not merely the old but the young as well. When men are laboring woman should be laboring, unless she steps forward she cannot be a councilor to her husband. they can assist by council and prayer, they can go forth with their sisters and do great good. I do not want my sisters to neglect their homes, but I want every sister to feel that she has other duties as well as at home. She will be a help mate to her husband. It is just as necessary that woman should step forward in this work as the brethren. I want my young Sisters to be punctual in coming to meeting come early. Punctuality I consider a key <to unlock> what is [n.p.] before us. With punctuality they will miss you at meeting. My sisters is it not good to feel you are missed. Many of you probably have sung “Do they miss me at home” Now for instance if Sister Richards gets up a party she would call on those that were always present to assist her Let each one of you do all you can and you will be surprised to see how much you can accomplish God bless you my sisters

Sister Ellenor [Eleanor] McKay [. . .] I pray my Heavenly Father to bless Sister Snow and Sister Young

[. . .] [n.p.]

[. . .] Sister Pheby [Pheobe] Fife [. . .] I am thankful Sister Snow & Sister Young are with us I pray the Lord to bless them. Sister Zina D Young I feel to express my feelings I feel a Spirit I have not felt for a long time I feel to speak in tongues to my young sisters. She then spoke in tongues with the power and demonstration of the Spirit of God Sister Snow then said if the Sister will unites their hearts in prayer to God she will interpret. Interpretation My Sisters the Holy Ghost is here Your Heavenly Father [n.p.] is well pleased with your meetings My sisters you are called to perform a great work if you will be humble & prayerful My Sisters is not this worth living for is not this <worth> more than the treasures of the earth does not this take away envy from your hearts not one can rise up and say to another you are my enemy or that Joseph Smith was not a prophet of God. I said Sisters rise up and Speak and they shall rise up and call you blessed I said Father bless them let Thy anjels go with that one be not lost.

[. . .] [n.p.] [. . .]

Sister M. [Maria L.] Newman [. . .] A short time ago I buried a beautiful daughter her only regret was she had not received he[r] endowments and had a blessing from Sister Snow and Sister Snow was almost the last word she uttered

[. . .] [n.p.]

Sister Josie West I feel to express my thank[s] to Sister Snow and Sister for coming to be with us I am thankful I came to meeting when I thought of staying at home somethi[n]g said go to meeting [. . .] Sister [Mary A.] Ellis I can triy [truly] say this is a time of rejoicing when Sister Young was speaking I could hardly keep my seat my heart rejoices in the things of God it has been truly a feast of fat things May God bless Sister Snow & Sister Young & Richards. [. . .]

Miss R [Ruthinda E.] Hill [. . .] I feel thankful to Sister Snow and Sister Young for coming to see us hope they will come again. Miss Isabella Burton I dont see how I can say anything I dont feel as though anything but tears could express my feelings. [n.p.]

I am glad I come to meeting glad to see Sister Snow & Sister Young [. . .] Miss Mary Ellis I am glad I come to meeting glad Sister Snow & Young come up to see us. Miss B. [Betsey] Hill This is my first attempt I have been well pleased thank the Sisters for coming to see us. Miss Mattie Brown I hope Sister Snow and Young will come again I never had better feelings in my life hope I will come to every meeting

[. . .] Miss Hattie Brown I feel very much pleased with Sister Snow & Young and I have had a good meeting. Sister Ann Odel [Odell] I feel to thank Sister Snow & Sister Young for coming up and Sister Richards for sending for me [. . .] [n.p.] [. . .]

Sister [Amelia M.] Frodsham Felt moved upon be Spirit of God For Sister Snow & Sister Young to administer to Sister Odell That her might rejoice in the things of God and She might be rid of all bad feelings from this time. Sister Snow after administering to Sister Odell. Spoke to her in tongues Sister Zina Young interpreted it.

Sister H. [Huldah] M. Ballantyne I feel very thankful to be with my sisters I pray we may treasure up in our hearts what we have heard I have not language to express my feelings I feel thankful to these my Sisters for coming up to see us I feel to always attend my meetings I pray God to bless us. Miss Ada Brown I don’t know how to express my feelings I never enjoyed my self better in my life.

Miss Nina Farr I can say I am glad I come to meeting have felt better I thank Sister and Sister Young for coming [n.p.] Sister Herrick I feel blessed and payed for coming to thise [these] meetings I thank the Sister for coming to talk to us. Miss Ally Porter I cannot express my feelings I never enjoyed my self better in my life [. . .]

[. . .] Miss M [Mary E.] Farley I feel to thank the Sisters for coming have had a good meeting. Miss E. [Evelene] Farley I feel grateful to those that come to speak to us I hope we will be able to show our grattitude. Miss Dora Lane I feel to thank Sister Snow & Sister for coming Hope we shall try to do right.

Miss Letty Peery I feel real pleased to come to meeting have had a real good meeting and thank the Sisters for coming.

[. . .] [n.p.] [. . .] Miss Mary E Kay I mean to come to meeting all the time have had a good meeting thank the Sisters for coming. Sister E. R. Snow I want to thank these my sisters for I have been truly edified it is the Spirit of God that is here. Miss Jane West I can say I like the meeting and I am glad Sister Snow and Sister Young came up Miss Sallie Porter I am very much pleased with this meeting have had a good time I thank the Sisters for coming up.

[. . .] [n.p.]

[. . .] Miss Alfaretta Kay I feel thankful for this meeting and to Sister Snow and Sister Young. [. . .]

Miss Zina Frodsham I am thankful I come to meeting to-day and I am thankful [n.p.] to Sister Snow and Sister Young for coming up to talk to us. [. . .]

Sister Jane S. Richards I can say I would like to hear also from the older ones I feel the older ones are gratified in hearing the young sisters speak. I can’t find language to express my feelings It seems as though we hardly deserved such a blessing The Spirit of God has been here We have had a good meeting I feel so thankful for this meeting let us try from now to bear in mind the obligation we are under to our Heavenly Father I have felt full in Spirit Our religion is good to live by. Sister Mary Farr I dont know when I have been to a meeting that I have felt the Spirit of God as I have to day I feel thankful to my Heavenly Father privilege when we are faithful we feel better

[. . .] Benediction by Sister Eliza R. Snow. [. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1879–1966), n.p., CHL (LR 9970 37); Amelia M. Frodsham.

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