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10 May 1878

Franklin Relief Society; Franklin, Idaho Territory

May 10, 1878 a special meeting was called for the purpose of being reorganized. Eliza R. Snow and Elizabeth Davis were visitors. Sister Snow said this was the first time she had visited Franklin. We have other work to do besides caring for the poor. Meeting once a month was not enough. She spoke of raising mulberry trees which would give labor to the old and young. She showed specimens of home made silk raised and spun in this territory. She wished the sisters to meet in the evening to be fully organized.

May 10, 1878 evening session [. . .] It was motioned by Sister E. R. Snow and seconded by Elizabeth Davis that Elizabeth Fox be President of the Relief Society and unanimously carried. [. . .] Sisters Snow and Davis encouraged the young to read the Church works and learn for themselves that this is the true Church. All the sisters were invited to give in their names to join the Society. They were admitted by unanimous vote.

[. . .] [p. 3]

Source Note

Franklin Ward, Franklin Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 2 (1868–1930), p. 3, CHL (LR 2994 14).

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