17 September 1887

Salt Lake Stake Primary; Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

A large church building with sharp pointed spires and a central tower.

Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. (Photograph by Charles R. Savage.)

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Sister Eliza R. Snow said,—“My dear children, I love you so much. God is very good; Do you all love to pray to Him? I am pleased to see you, and am thankful to [p. 100] God that I am able to come here.[”]

Asked the children some questions about truthfulness, and told about the Sabbath Schools of her childhood. The questions were all answered intelligen[t]ly by the children.

[. . .] [p. 101]

Source Note

Salt Lake Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1973), vol. 2 (1880–1896), pp. 100–101, CHL (LR 604 18).