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17 May 1870

South Cottonwood Relief Society; Cottonwood [Murray], Utah Territory

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Sister Janett [Janet Y.] Cahoon said she was glad to meet with the Sisters said Sister Eliza Snow and many others was with us she wanted to hear from them she invited Sister Snow to speak to us Sister E Snow called on Sister Margret [Margaret T.] Smoot to adress us Sister M Smoot arose said she was happ[y] to meet with us she said she was no speaker but she thanked the Lord she was capable of bearing her Testimony to this great work said she thought we was A prospering in this society she esteamed it a great privlage to come to geather [together] and associate with one another and try to live our religion and try to fill our position in this life the [teach?] our Children the right princpals pretaning [pertaining] to this kingdom saying we was called to do A great deal in Adssting [assisting] the Breathering [Brethren] to cary out the work of the Lord she said that she loved the name of Female Releaf Society she felt a love for her Sisters saying the more we assoated [associated] to geather [together] the stronger ties of Friendship were towards oneanother [one another] try Sisters to do all the good you can saying may the Lord bless us all was her prayer Amen

Sister E Snow arose Said Sister Sister M Smoot had advanced many good ideas Saying 2 years ago Sister M Smoot could not say one tenth what she now could Sister E Snow said in rising to adress the Sisters she felt A Timedness [timidness] She Said she wanted to say Something that would encourage the Sisters in trying to fill their position in life Saying man was the head it was not expected Woman to rule they was to be Subject to [p. 49] Their Husbands Obedience was Salvation it was necesary to have A head like the Female Releif Society Saying woman cannot rule in the Priesthood Saying A man entering into Polygamy must be governed by the Priesthood Saying this Principle the Sisters was to help cary out this most holy Principle Saying every person that opposed this principle would go down this was the only way to obtain Eternal Salvation Saying she liked to say see the Sisters more forward with their husbands Saying she was proud of the Sisters who tried to do their Duty Saying if we wished to come out at the head of the bolt they must be ground they must overcome Saying the Lord ment to try us when we had A duty to perform we was to move forward be humble acknowledge the hand of the Laord in all things the woman was not to rise up and say you are doing wrong we are to obey those that was over us Sisters we have evry thing to encourage us God was on our Side and every holy being was for us

Sister Snow Said we must never give away to wish to die She never wanted to leave her post until she had done all thing that she came here to do and Secure an eternal Salvation Sisters live to teach your children all the good you can teach them the news of the day read the news to them explain it to them Br [Brigham] Young says the mothers are the leaders of their children teach them honesty the child will learn it from the countanence of the mother when established truth and honesty in theire [their] minds I want to say to my young Sisters let novels and light reading alone I wish the young Sisters to be brought into action if we set out we can do a great good Sisters we want to be noble theire [there] is a time coming when the offering would be laid on the alter then would be the trying time Do all you are called on to do if to Pray or speak try and do it you are doing yourself good Br Joseph Smith said in Nauvoo if the Sisters lived theire [their] religion and was united in this great work they should have faith to administer to the sick in our midst Sisters we cannot live to watchful and Prayerful Sisters establish a fashion of home manufactor in your Society do not patronize the fashions of the world Br Young is realy in earnest with his family he intends to carry it out wishes every Sister to help him carry it out Sisters I feel to congratulate you in your Society I am well pleased with the officers you are doing much good progressing in our works she felt to bless us Amen [p. 50]

[. . .] Sister Janett Cahoon invited Bp [Bishop Andrew] Cahoon to speak he said he was hily [highly] edified with The remarks of the Sisters I feal to coinside [coincide] with what they had said he had learnted much from them [. . .] he felt to bless this society he said he asked his heavnely Father to bless sister Snow and sister Smoot and all present wishshing them to come again

Sister Janett Cahoon arose said she was hiley edfied with the remarks of the sisters [. . .] [p. 51]

Source Note

Cottonwood 1st Ward, Cottonwood Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1971), vol. 1 (1868–1886), pp. 49–51, CHL (LR 7772 14).

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