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8 August 1878

Wellsville Relief Society; Wellsville, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister Eliza R Snow then arose by request and addressed the congeration [congregation] spoke of being united the wife with her husband and the husband with his wife. Said the Relief Society was a principal from God Said there was no more Enterance [Entrance] feas [fees] required to enter the Sociaty than there was to enter the Church of Jesus Christ and she requested that we did away with it1 said there was many blessings and privilages pertaining to the members of the Relief Societies Said it was not their privilage to releive the needy but to save souls and bring them unto Christ. spoke of the sisters being pure and oneribal [honorable] said by the conduct of woman the society in wich she moves is cantraled [controlled?] spoke of living up to the privilages we enjoyed in the Church and kingdom of God exorted us to attend our meetings said she heard the Prophet Joseph Smith say them that would attend meeting and do right would be excepted [accepted] and them that would not would be rejected of our father in Heaven spoke of keeping the commandments of god and we would grow wiser as we grow older. [p. 117]

Sed [said] the Childrin of Zion was smart and inteligent spoke of them going to Sunday school have a faithful testimony said she felt like giving away [way] for the brethern to speak said she knew that plural Marrage was right and of god spoke of the time the Prophet Joseph Smith was Commanded to prateis [practice?] it. [. . .] [p. 118]

Source Note

Wellsville Ward, Cache Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 1 (1868–1886), pp. 117–118, CHL (LR 10009 14).

See also “Returned,” Deseret News 27, no. 31 (4 Sept. 1878): 489; and “Visit to Relief Societies,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 7 (1 Sept. 1878): 51; and Elizabeth A. Davis, “Report of Trip North,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 9 (1 Oct. 1878): 70.

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