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18 September 1876

Salt Lake City Seventeenth Ward Young Ladies; Seventeenth Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Miss Eliza R. Snow said I am happy in having the privelege with meeting with my young sisters of this organization I felt when this association was organized and still feel that God prompted the Young Ladies of this ward to get organized into this kind of an association and I feel as though <as> God had prompted them to organize that he has blessed them or those who have attended these meetings [p. 104] These associations were brought about by the revelations of God as much as the organization of this church. God has promised great blessings for the daughters of Zion and are there many prepared to receive these organizations <blessings> <blessings>. I think there are not many for they care more for Babylon than they do for God. Those that seek to converse with God and seek after him in their youth who will keep his commandments and laws will be blessed exceedingly by him while those who care not for him and attend not these organ[i]zations will sink into oblivion and if they do this their names will be forgotten by those who once knew them. she then bore her testimony of the difficulties they had to encounter when organizing the Associations of the Young Ladies. The powers of darkness are trying to lead the young astray, from their paths of duty and they should be up and doing so they will not be caught laging behind to be taken hold of by these evil spirits. Set [Let] no one say anything against the associations for if they do they are taking against God. How much better it is for to live for the kingdom of God than for the kingdom of the Devil fore one is all light blessings &c and the other is dardness [darkness] & cursings. I can testify that there are angels here although the veil is lifted from our eyes so we can see them “&c” [p. 105]

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[Sister Zina Young said] Angels are here today as Sr Eliza R Snow say although we cannot see them if the vail that is over our eyes was lifted we might be enabled to behold their beautiful faces. [. . .] The Lord only requires us to keep his commandments and if we do so we will always be in the right. [. . .] [p. 109]

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Sr E R. Snow said that Sr. [Ellis] Shipp was studying <the compounding> medicine in Philidelphia so that when a doctor was needed we might call upon one of our own faith and not those who would fight against us all <at> lines said she would give this introduction thinking some might not know why she was in the East.

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Sr Margaret Young While sitting and listening to the remarks that have been made that are good and instructing I was thinking of what blessings we enjoy at the present time. I feel very thankful that I received an invitation to attend this meeting today for I have heard many good and instructive words which if I or all treasure up will benefit us when our elder sisters speak to us they do not speak merely to throw breath and words away but for your good. [. . .] [p. 111]

Source Note

Seventeenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1870–1973), vol. 2 (1875–1878), pp. 104–111, CHL (LR 8240 17).

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