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15 April 1875

Ogden Relief Society; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone building with balcony and clock tower

Ogden City Hall, circa 1866–1906, Ogden, Utah Territory. Photograph by Charles R. Savage.

[. . .]

Sister Eliza R. Snow A real Saint of God can only be fed by the Spirit of God my prayer is that I may be dictated by his Spirit It gives me great pleasure to see such manifestations from the daughters of Zion and that you do acknowledge him I consider you show by coming here what but the Spirit of the Lord should prompt you to come Christ Said They that fear the Lord and speak often one to another shall be mine when I make up my Jewels. Does it mean the men or those that neglect their meetings? No it mean Sisters as well as the brethren. It speaks of those that speak often. By coming together and speaking one to another the prases [praise] of God I never can think is lost time The religion of Jesus Christ holds communion with him and gives the privilege to have revelation The Holy Ghost does not belong to man alone Peter said fleshe and blood hath not revealed this to thee but my Father in Heaven and on this will I found my church. which is revelation it is the privilege of every Saint of God to keep an eye on this Spirit Our Spirits need food need this Sweet communion from God day by day this keeps us enjoying that [p. 112] Spirit which feeds the soul I have known those that in partaking of temporal food have lost all relish for it I have known people to neglect their spiritual duties untill they lose for Spiritual food all relish as Saints of God we should prepare ourselves to learn of God those things that pertain to him. There is an Eternity of intelligence before us if it were possible to obtain <this> knowledge Scientifically we would still have room to learn. The Christian world revert back to when they first received religion. Ours should be a continual growth we should pursue that course that will elevate us and bring us a Saints of God to a State of womanhood, as those that expect to go into to the presence of Holy beings what sort of women ought we to be Should we hold on to Babylon with one hand, to lay aside our religion part of the time. This would never prepare us to enter into the presence of God, each one has the privilege of this. We have the privilege to choose to choose. Says one wants all Latter Day Saints have the privilege of entering into Glory. No indeed! dont let us do by halves let all our labors for the building up of the Kingdom of God we are like children at work nothing is our own. We should be to work to establish the Kingdom of God. What is that not established? No! There is a mission now laid upon the Relief Societies that will require the efforts of the daughters and mothers in Israel that is to establish home manufactories each one that is established will form a part of the Kingdom. Brigham Young has given this mission to the Relief Societies every Sister should be an active member I would like to know how many are live active members. Father is going to divide his inheritance each one that is faithful will have his share. It is a serious matter and should come home to the hearts of old and young. President Young says the Sisters can accomplish what he cannot [p. 113] by sitting [setting] our faces Zionward be valient and persevering to the end you Sisters cas [can?] accomplish much by making some things popular if we can succeed in making home made hats popular we are sure of success. I have got one of Ogden Zion bonnetts on and I am proud of it people say She is old dont care much if it is inferior because it is made here Joseph Smith said the time would come when they would come to Zion for the most beautiful things The young can make things fashionable, We cannot unless we are united in wearing these hats and looking down on imported ones. I am proud of the cource [course] the Sisters in Ogden have taken in leading out in this direction I understand that many have cultivated the mulbury. We have those that understand almost everything. Silk weavers, velvet weavers we want to awake and rouse up the sisters hunt up those that can make lace the honiton lace can be made cheaper than it can be imported for. There is a man in St George weaving lace collars. If silk is put into the hands of the Sisters we can clothe ourselves with less work in Silk. Just as lives wear silk had not the best ought to be made in Zion. Think if Father divides according to our interest in Zion I feel if we are not awake we ought to wake up So many things the Sisters can do. I like getting the head clothed the brethren are making arrangments to clothe the feet Sisters can be making shoes I have found a Sister that can commence and make a shoe all throughout President Young told me to tell her to go to Shoemaking. We are getting up straw work we are trying to follow your example in this respect The Sisters are establishing the tailor business in the 19th ward they want to draw all the patronage they can they can work a little cheaper than the men can supposing we do not [p. 114]1 make a success of it and 20 or 30 girls learn the trade and should ever become widows or their husbands on missions then they would have a trade I would have my girls learn a trade in making silk children can assist in many in the east have become rich in selling the raw material we could sell it Sister Howard last evening spoke of home made we cannot dress in it as it is not made how can we get machinery when all is spent with the Merchants. Dont you sisters feel as though more could be done than has been, if I want any thing We I would call on those sisters to do it that come to meeting, we cant come together if we are honest with out receiving a blessing from Father thats why we come to-gether I am proud of our sisters in Ogden. If we do not do so well as we might we can continue to do a little better, we want discrimination & wisdom to know just what to do how much to crimp this ruffle or do that or be attending the sick not what I shall do but how can I know which will result in the best good we want a will and that directed towards the building up of the Kingdom of God. I want a will to do that, we want an energy of character what would Sister Richard [Jane S. Richards] do if it were not for her will directed in the right direction.

I love you! I am proud of you I am thankful you are leading in something that will make a mark in Zion. Let your energies lead out and see what you can do. I say Sisters God bless you let us be as a City set on a hill that cannot be hid Let us prove ourselves faithful.

Sister Elizabeth [A.] Howard I have no doubt whatever that the Sisters appreciate Sister Snows remarks. [. . .] [pp. 119–125]

[. . .] let us not neglect our prayers attend our meetings Last fall I went down to the City Sister Snow wanted I should come here with her I went home and asked my husband I went to the City was taken very sick had to return home did not go to meeting for some time felt I did not want to go to meeting I thought what shall I say I thought that would never do I went I could only say a few words. My Sisters let me entreat you to come to your meetings get up and speak let us conquer this feeling [p. 126] of dread I used to dread being called upon used to try and hide from Sister Snow and Sister [Mary Isabella] Horne it will give you confidence if you only say a little if any come to criticise never mind I rejoice when any one can say five words [. . .]

Sister Snow told a vision that brother Solomon Angell had

[. . .]

Sister Snow There is one item I wish to say it has gone abroad that only certain Sisters have the privilege to wash and anoint & administer to a sister when she is sick I want to say that every faithful sister has that privilege I will say to the teachers the good sisters you have the privilege to ano[i]nt the head with oil and lay hands on and bless your sisters. This is your privilege.

[. . .]

President F. [Franklin] D. Richards heartily approved of what had been said and wished to confirm it advised the sisters to always have a bottle of consecrated oil in the house. [. . .] [p. 127]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1968), vol. 1 (1867–1875), pp. 112–127, CHL (LR 9970 14); Amelia M. Frodsham, Secretary.

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