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16 April 1874

Weber County Relief Societies; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone building with balcony and clock tower

Ogden City Hall, circa 1866–1906, Ogden, Utah Territory. Photograph by Charles R. Savage.

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Sister J. [Jane] S. Richards. I am really thankful Sister we have had the privilege of getting together although the wind is very severe. Sister Snow comes and labours with us Some I hope may be able to retain the instruction and live up not only now but in the future I cannot express my heartfelt grattitude for the Sisters to come and visit us.

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Sister Eliza R. Snow I believe this meeting to be on the Pic Nic [picnic] principle all having something to contribute. We should never come with selfish feelings we should com[e] with a desire to do all we can. One Sister will say you dont expect me to speak you can help with your faith and prayers If I do anything leads to good it will by your faith & prayers God is willing to assist those that trust in him Sister Richards said we should put into practice and remember what we hear [n.p.]

There is a principle and power that comes to our aid and helps us out. We can cultivate memory, if we hear anything good we want to lay hold of it and grasp it. I hear many things that I never expect to call into requisition I just hear and let it pass what I can collect to do my self and others good I cannot always retain There is that power and privilege of every true Saint the Holy Ghost the Comforter which brings back to our reccollection we want to keep it and retain it it is the comforter that Jessus [Jesus] told <his> disciples of this will bring things to our mind when some have their endowments they say shall I not suffer loss by not remembering these things I tell them to live faithful and the Holy Ghost will bring these thing to remembrance. Seek unto God for faith, wisdom and every true principle. We want all truth We want to be useful, in blessing thou shalt be blest we want to be diligent in good works we do not want a day to pass without doing good [n.p.]

We possess the germ that will bring woman in her triumphant state to be queens and priestesses we want to grow & continue in all goodness we want to learn all goodness then read a letter from Sister Bathsheba Smith from St George concerning the united order Spoke of the progress of the Temple <at St George> expected to use the first floor next winter The Temple in Salt Lake City was not to be completed for some time Pres [Brigham] Young Says he wants it to stand for the Millenium there will be something true and faithful so as not to be defiled the Temple in Nauvoo was defiled and it was destroyed anything that is defiled has to be destroyed we have to pass through the furnace if we are pure gold we shall not suffer loss we want to be prepared for everything the Lord reveals with some it is a question with Me it is not I know that God has set up his kingdom and has an agent here through whom he can accomplish [n.p.] his will we have got to be a peculiar people a distinct people and be one In ancient times God talked with his people Israel even told them how to make cloth and every minutia pertaining to home life I do not think we need have any fears what is coming God is preparing his people to come back into his presence. I feel so thankful I cannot express my feelings all we have got to do is to be able to be read like the leaf of a book can be read on both sides we want to be prepared when God calls to build up the centre stake of Zion Pres Young says out of this united order a people shall be called if I cultivate myself to the pattern I shall be right we should keep the object of our lives before us not to heap up comforts I always calculate to hold myself in readiness to yield feelings but will never yield true principle I will yield my feelings for the peace and comfort of others all the sisters have been placed [n.p.] in a situation to yield feelings I wonder if there is a Sister here that has had no trials that her life has been like a bed of roses if there is any such she has reason to feel God has overlooked her I think forgotten her he has said he will have a tried people Sisters any one thing that tries you most be brave I can tell you just how to get through. To acknowledge the hand of God in all things what a blessing it is he has given us the privilege it comes to us to help perfect us I dont think it looks good to run away from difficulty just think whatever comes if we admit a fretful fault finding dispiosition we lose the spirit we want to cultivate ourselves and God will help us. One sister said to me how long shall I be tried I answered till you cant be tried Jesus Christ has given his life that we may Return to his presence we have all lived with Father Christ said Father glorify thou me with those that are glorified [n.p.] before they come here. We want to return back to God with additional glory. We are the daughters of the most high what noble women we should be. We take our choice it is not forced upon us we are not obliged to live our religion we cannot be the children of light and darkness. Let us my Sisters make a determination to be wholly the Lords. Let us be saints of God in perfect deed There is nothing worthy of our possession but what is contained in the Gospel of Christ

Spoke of the bad influence of sending children to gentile schools Bishop [Daniel S.] Tuttle said 15 years would tell with the children they try kindness and benevolence and teach for nothing than send to their school I would much sooner have them take poison I know children whose parents seemed in a lethargy a sort of stupor they could not see the undermining work until to[o] late they cant control them they get beyond their reach it is enough to make ones heart ache Now is a new era for the young [n.p.]

I pray the Spirit of God may abide with them and continue with them through their lives and may we go on privally to be a goddess in Eternity let us live for it. Mothers keep your children where they can be taught our religion it is more precious than anything else

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Sister H. [Harriett] C. Brown spoke concerning the class in Physiology [. . .] stated brother Monchs [Louis F. Moench’s] school would commence on Monday

Sister Snow wished to say a few words regarding the study of Physiology thought it a very good study for every one considered it would be a great benefit to those becoming wives and mothers reccommended it to all did not see how they could ask for a more favorable offer than the one from Proffessor Monch

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Source Note

Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1968), vol. 3 (1873–1874), n.p., CHL (LR 9970 14); Amelia M. Frodsham, Secretary.

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