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29 September 1875

Salt Lake City Twelfth Ward Young Ladies; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Sis Amanda Smith said she arose to plea for her President Sis [Priscilla M.] Staines go to her and ask counsil [counsel] and not have her to always come to meeting as she is not well enough to always be here

Sis Eliza Snow arose and said she was pleased to see the freedom that was in the meeting, visit Sis Staines and have faith for her lay hands upon I believe you can exercise faith enough, that she will be better and able to attend meeting the angels are always present at these meetings and take record of what is done If you will try the Lord will help you you can not learn to preside unless you begin. Eech [each] one of you have a duty to perform in your meeting. Now I want to say to you girls that the Princes of the earth will call upon you and will ask after you. I love to see the little girls at meeting it shows they thing [think] of god and I feel to bless them

I hope sisters you will always be at the meeting and be punctual, keep your covenants and be true to yourselves [p. 16]

Source Note

Twelfth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association Minute Book (1871–1878), p. 16, CHL (LR 12908 21).

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