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3 March 1883

Farmington Primary; Farmington, Utah Territory

Visitors from Salt Lake City Eliza R. S. Smith. Mary I. [Isabella Hales] Horne. Ellen C. Clawson

[. . .] Prayer by sister Eliza and the children in concert.

[. . .]

Sister Horne then addressed the children for a short time. [. . .]

Said sister Eliza had spent a great deal of time for the benefit of the children, in getting [p. 136] up their hymn books, and speakers. Closed by asking the Lord to bless them

Sister Eliza asked the children if they wanted to become missionaries, if they did she would give them a mission, which was for the boys to try and get all the boys who did <not> come to these meetings to attend them, and for the girls to do the same with the girls

Spoke of attending a Primary in Morgan, and said they had emigrated a little boy from Europe. Also the Primary Association of Brigham City had emigrated a little girl.

Asked some questions, and gave some good instructions generally

[. . .] [p. 137]

Source Note

Farmington Ward, Davis Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1949), vol. 1 (1878–1888), pp. 136–137, CHL (LR 2816 18); Sarah J. Robinson, Secretary.

See also “Editorial Notes,” Woman’s Exponent 11, no. 20 (15 Mar. 1883): 158.

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