22 July 1875

Salt Lake City Twentieth Ward Relief Society; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Sister [Jane P.] Sharp. Was pleased to meet with us. [. . .] She loved the Gospel and desired to live up to its requirements. Spoke of the visitors we had with us, she would give way for them, as she thought they might have something new to tell us [p. 349]

Sister E. R. Snow. Felt pleased to meet with us, and could say with Sister Sharp, she loved the Gospel, and felt every day to live it closer. She found on looking around her that it was one thing to profess and another thing to live it. She realized that we did not live up to the requirements of the Gospel. If we did not live it closer the Lord would take the Kingdom from us, and give it to another people. More depended on the sisters than we were willing to acknowledge. She thought we were to blame to a great extent for the circumstances we were surrounded by at this time. Thought the parents were to blame that so many of our young men were growing up infidels. Just as great infidels as the world can boast, can be found right in the midst of the saints, and she could not but feel that it was owing to a great extent to the influence that surrounded them at home, she did not know that she need make these remarks to those present, for she generally found that those who attended meetings were live saints We should exhort others to come to these meetings. Those who slept should be woke up. But we forgot others in striving after the things of this world When we let the things of this life absorb our attention we become of the earth, earthy. Spoke of her trip south and the teachings of the Priesthood. She asked if the girls of this ward were seeking the ways of the Lord. What were the Mothers doing, were they teaching their girls the ways of truth and rightouesness. Spoke of the fashions of this world and our girls following after them, dress was a simple thing, butt but it was an index of character. The Lord in ancient times [p. 350] taught the saints how to dress, and we should pay attention to these things. Spoke of the Reformation and the line that had to be drawn. She did not know what would be required of us. There had not as yet been any sisters permitted to be baptised. But she felt that those of her sisters who attended meetings were prepared for whatever might be required of them Counselled those who could not see what they were told at the time, to hold their tongues until they could, and not give way to an evil spirit, there was no harm in being tempted, but there was in yeilding to the temptation. Made some remarks upon the Societies of Young Ladies and the good they were doing. Upon home industry and following the counsel we received from time to time. Closed by asking the Lord to bless us and help us to do right

Sister Zina [D. H.] Young. Spoke of the remarks, Sister Snow had made. [. . .] We should try and do the best we could in the matter of home manufacture, spoke of how much depended on the Sisters. We had no time to be idle. But had nothing to fear but our own weakness, we should stop faultfinding either of the Priesthood or our sisters, it was the root of apostacy we must overcome it and cultivate the spirit of God There were many things we could do and we would be blest in doing them. encourage your sisters to come to Meeting. God bless you my sisters and Make you willing to do his will

Sister [Elizabeth Ann] Whitney. Expressed her pleasure in meeting with us coincided with what Sisters Snow and Young had said. [. . .] [p. 351]

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Sister Snow. Spoke of the gift of the pure language being conferred on Sister Whitney in Kirtland and of her singing in that language, thought that if the sisters were united in desiriny [desiring] it Sister Whitney would be able to sing in that Language

Sister Whitney sang in that Language

Sister Zina Young interpreting.

[. . .]

Benediction by Sister Snow

[. . .] [p. 352]

Source Note

Twentieth Ward, Ensign Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 1 (1868–1877), pp. 349–352, CHL (LR 9455 14); Sarah M. Napper, Secretary.

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