30 July 1884

Salt Lake City Eighth Ward Relief Society; Eighth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White, single-story chapel

Salt Lake City Eighth Ward meetinghouse, circa 1915. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

Present by invitation,

Sisters E. R. S. Smith [. . .]

Sister Eliza R. Snow Smith. I hope we have come together to day more for a spiritual feast than a temporal. I thought as your secty [secretary] called your roll, there was but few present whose names are upon the list. you should try and encourage all [p. 223] to come. Joseph Smith said he wanted the sisters to learn to do business as well as the brethren as we all have to do our own work. we meet to gether so that we may be united and love each other as sisters and to become acquainted with each others did not think mothers could always attend exhorted every one to meet when they could possibly do so. spoke of the sickness that was going over the earth thought every teacher should feel herself competant to lay hands on the sick, and wash and anoint them.

[. . .]

Sister E. [Emmeline] B. Wells. [. . .] felt glad that Sister Eliza had spoken as she had in regard to the sisters nursing and administering to the sick. [. . .] [p. 224]

Source Note

Eighth Ward, Liberty Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1969), vol. 2 (1874–1882), pp. 223–224, CHL (LR 2525 14).