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5 September 1884

Marriott Relief Society; Marriott, Utah Territory

[. . .] Counsellor N. [Nancy] N. Tracy [. . .] Invited Sister Snow Smith to address the meeting.

Sister Snow Smith invited the little boys to come up near & Said she felt as though they all belonged to her & said the R. [Relief] Society was always in existance when the Church was organized in its fulness & and those Sisters who are not alive to there duties and do not attend there meetings will find themselves badly mistaken, for they will be rewarded according to there works. & Said the Spirit of the Lord is very Sensative & hoped the little Boys did not Smoke or Chew Tobacco hoped they all attended the Primary Meetings Said we should not in evry meeting Bear Spiritual Testi— [Testimonies] but if we know any useful knowdlege [knowledge] let us communicate it in our meetings & Said R Societies are for the perfecting of Women & The Mothers should teach our Children to be honest and train the conscience of our Children acording to the pattern of the Gospell if our Children have not more faith than we have now they can not stand when the jugements [judgments] of the Lord Stalks abroad amongst us & said we should administer Simple Canker medicine to our Children they will never have Diptheria— Women who have received there Indowments [Endowments]—can not only lay Hands on the Sick; but Wash and annoint them1 and be sure and not forget to seal it on theire [their] heads and the Lord will seal it in the Heavens & it is one of the greatest ordanences [ordinances] for the healing of the Sick and it ought to be practised more than it is among the Saints & related an instance of a Child being healed under this ordanance when badly scalded

now my young Sisters you can have placed whithin your reach just what character you chose to be & if you want to be great and noble [p. 309] Women you must be very determined and not do evil because others do & do not follow the foolish fashions of the Gentiles—and you ought to know that the Lord [h]as spoken from the Heavens & and be sure and keep a record of your Baptism into the Church & and learn to be good House keepers and make your families comfortable. Spoke very kindly to the little boys told them not to use tobaco & administer to the sick when called upon to do so and not forget to pray related several instances of Childrens prayers being answered Blessed us all in the name of the Lord.— Sister H. [Harriet] C. Brown said [. . .] had been much edifide [edified] by hearing Sister Snow [. . .] Sister Snow recomended [recommended] Doctor Ship [Ellis R. Shipp] advised the Sisters to send students to learn spoke on the nescesaty [necessity] of Storing up grain for the famine. [. . .] [p. 310]

Source Note

Marriott Ward, Farr West Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1869–1973), vol. 2 (1874–1886), pp. 309–310, CHL (LR 5304 14); Emma Butler, Secretary.

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