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12 March 1874

Retrenchment Association; Fourteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White building with wood trim, Salt Lake City, circa 1890

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward meetinghouse, circa 1890. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

[. . .]

Coun. Miss E. R. Snow

Refered to the meeting held at Farmington, the house was filled to overflowing, it was very interesting, the bishop speaking of the young ladies organization said he did not know mich [much] about it till he had attended their meetings he said when the time came for the opening of parties the president told him to forbid the round dances he did so, but many were dissatisfied. The Young ladies took up the subject in their meeting and voted that they would not dance them. He said also if the young ladies [k]new what an influence they had [n.p.] over the young men for good they would always exercise it. The president of their society said, She had heard it remarked that the young ladies in the city were happier in their meetings than anywhere else. she did not believe it at first, but since they had organized their meetings she had found it to be so. Gos [God] bless you all my sisters and help you to be live saints and to be faithful in the performance of all your duties.

[. . .]

Remarks of Sister [Phebe W.] Woodruff.

[. . .] [n.p.] [. . .] It is in the power of the Young Ladies to reform the young men of their evil habits supposing some should point at you the finger of scorn you must not ming [mind] it but be firm and steadfast and they will in time respect and honor you. [. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Minutes of the Senior and Junior Co-operative Retrenchment Association (1870–1880), n.p., CHL (CR 100 904); typescript (original not extant).

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