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12 December 1883

Box Elder Stake Young Ladies; Box Elder Tabernacle, Brigham City, Utah Territory

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Sis. E. R. Snow Smith said practical speaking is the best oratory; nothing educates so much in exercising our religion as rising to speak. Ife [If] we could realize the importance of our work, we would be more energetic; the more humble you are, the more good you can do. How careful young mothers should be to implant honesty in the minds of their children: related instance; without truthfulness & honesty, no one can attain to the Celestial Kingdom. Said let your mark be high, & be determined no evil can overcome you. Study the things of God, that you may be instructors. Be determined that you will do more good than anyone else. Spoke on the unity that should exist among officers. We all need instructions. The young sisters need to be good & useful and full of the spirit of God & firm L. D. S. [Latter-day Saints] as well as the older ones. Advised all to read the Doctrine & Covenants, & other good books; obtain knowledge by faith & prayer Spoke of the darkness of mind of those who do not understand the things of God: related an instance. Said never ask God to humble you, but ask Him for grace to humble yourselves. The future of Zion depends on the youth of Zion: be like Daniel [p. 222] of old, ready to sacrifice even life itself for the prin. of our religion; be prepared for an emergency, and be saints in very deed. Spoke of Bro. Edward’s music class, & of the influence of music.

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Sis. E. R. S. Smith recommended the purchasing of the two books “For Girls” and “How to feed the baby.”

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Box Elder Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875–1944), vol. 1 (1875–1891), pp. 222–223, CHL (LR 933 17).

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