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17 December 1880

St. George Stake Relief Society; St. George Tabernacle, St. George, Utah Territory

Image of the St. George Tabernacle taken in 1935

St. George Tabernacle, St. George, Utah Territory. (Courtesy Church History Library. Photograph by LeRoi Clarence Snow in Utah scenes, 1935 Collection.)

Present on the stand President Minerva W Snow with her counsellors Anna L Ivins and Hannah H Romney, also, Sister Eliza R Snow Smith and Zina D. Y. [H. Young] Smith. [. . .]

[. . .] By request Sister Eliza R Snow Smith arose. She asked “What had we come together for? There must be some important object in drawing us together. This is a great work and the Gospel was designed to draw all people together. Was pleased to have the brethren present that if she said anything that was not correct they would correct her. Was thankful we have a religion that does not wear out. In the world.

In the world we thought the days of our youth was the time for happiness and enjoyment I can bear my testimony to my young sisters that the older I grow the happier I am. I will soon be 77 years old and the nearer I get to my God the happier I am. Gave some excellent advice to wives and mothers, not to neglect their children or their husbands— not to be discouraged but draw a little nearer to our Heavenly Father and we should overcome. Prayed that the blessings of Heaven be with us

President John D. T. McAllister said he wished to testify to what Sister Snow Smith had said. [. . .] [p. 2]

Source Note

St. George Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 4 (1880–1919), p. 2, CHL (LR 7836 14).

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