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6 March 1880

Farmington Primary; Farmington Meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah Territory

Single-story, stone meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900

Farmington meetinghouse, Farmington, Utah, circa 1900. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

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Sr. Eliza R. Snow said it was a treat for her to sit and look upon the <faces of the> young, many thoughts had passed through her mind while listening, to think of how the church had grown from Six members, said the children do not realize as much as she does, the benefit of being members of such an Association as this, and by being obedient & punctual you are laying the foundation to be great men and women. you have [p. 72] been born in Zion, and God has chosen you to do a great work on the earth. your president & her Counsellors meet with you because they love you and are interested for you to grow up and be good and useful. each one should try to do just as your president says and you will grow up to be good. for instance when you little boys go to preach the gospel, that if you are put in prison, you will have faith to command the prison doors to open. those are the happiest in the world, that try to do right. was pleased to hear from your Report that you pay tithing. What part do you pay for tithing? ans. [answered] one tenth what does tithing go for? to help build up Zion. then you each one help to build up Zion, etc. Would God hear or see you if you should tell a wrong story? refered to the essay on “good behaviour,” if you should grow up and had no money, and if you had good behavior, you would be a gentleman. “Dress is not character,” always be kind, and always speak the truth. said she was trying to get up a Hymn book especially for the Primary Associations, and if you have any nice songs send them down. wished every one to have a book and rise up and sing it shows more respect to the Lord where all rise up.— said at the close of prayer she would like to hear every one say amen. What does Amen mean? ans by the congregation, “So be it” requested again that after prayer they should give a hearty Amen. That the heavens may know that you pray. closed asking a blessing upon the sisters who were trying to do good, also upon the children.

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Source Note

Farmington Ward, Davis Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1878–1949), vol. 1 (1878–1888), pp. 72–73, CHL (LR 2816 18); S. E. Richards, Secretary.

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