22 February 1881

Johnson Relief Society; Johnson, Utah Territory

[. . .] Sister E R Snow said she was pleased to meet with the saints of this place & also she was proud to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ for they were the people of God and referred to the revelation given to Oliver Cowdry [Cowdery] and spoke of the Sisters of the Relief Society and the good that would result from their being faithful to their calling and that great responsibility resting upon the Sisters as well as upon the Brethren & urged the sisters to be awake to the sense of their duties & reap the reward that is in store for the faithful also spoke of the gathering of the poor building temples and the raising of silk so that we can become self sustaining & and independent people & spoke of the neccesity of us meeting together to get our spiritual strength renewed and said she was well pleased to meet with so many old veterans in the church of God as she had since leaving St George & spoke of those that run well for awhile in the church and then lose the spirit of God & apostatize referring to the young she said it was our privelige to so form our characters to fill the positions of holy men & women & to become Kings & Queens of the Most High to reign forever that we would become such if we lived for it & spoke of us preparing ourselves while here in the flesh so that when death comes we are ready to go if we did this death would be no trial to us felt to bless the people here Sister Zina D [H.] Young desired an interest in our faith & prayers and took up where Sister Eliza [p. 27] left off in reference to our passing from this earth [. . .]

Sister Lulu [Lucy A.] Johnson made some very appropriate remarks & that she felt well in going round with the Sisters & listening to their remarks touched upon the subject of polygamy & urged the sisters not speak light of that subject for it was of God & bore testimony to the truth of it & prayed the Lord to bless us

Sister E R Snow bore testimony to the truth of Sister Lulu Johnsons remarks [. . .] [p. 28]

Source Note

Johnson Ward, Kanab Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1878–1906), vol. 1 (1878–1892), pp. 27–28, CHL (LR 11565 14).

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