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14 June 1884

Tooele Stake Young Ladies; Grantsville, Utah Territory

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[. . .] Present on the stand from Salt Lake City sisters E R. Snow Smith Elizebeth [Elizabeth A.] Howard. and Margret [Margaret P.] Young. [. . .]

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Sister Snow said by request she would try and say something thatt would benifit us exhorted the girls to get up when called upon and bare their testimonies. spoke of keeping their charicters sacred. and lived the life of a true woman. and to make ourselves good housekeepers. and for us to become useful. for we could never expect to have happy homes if we were idle warned the girls never to marry a man that drank liquor. or used tobacco. for they would never be happy. said she had known young ladies who had who had married the kind of men. and both themselves and their families were in po[v]erty and distress, gave good instructions to all that were present said she had <listened to the reports that had been read with> [. . .] [p. 84] much interest. and was very much pleased with the progress the young. ladies were making. said we must pray to the lord, to let his holy spirit be with us, for we all will half to work out our own salvation

[. . .] [p. 85]

Source Note

Tooele Ward, Tooele Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1874–1913), vol. 2 (1877–1884), pp. 84–85, CHL (LR 9216 17); Emma J. Clark, Secretary.

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