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23 January 1875

Retrenchment Association; Fourteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White building with wood trim, Salt Lake City, circa 1890

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward meetinghouse and assembly hall, circa 1890. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

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Remarks by Coun. Miss E. R. Snow

My sisters it is with regret I announce that sister [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne is not able to be with us this afternoon We have the honor of having our bretheren with us this today and it is always a pleasure to have them with us My mind never gets overloaded with spiritual food Our <minds> being <We> are so absorbed in the adorning of their <our> bodies that our spirits die out. If there ever was a time for us to prepare our spirits it is now; the adversary is on the alert to lull the children of men into forgetfulness. Do we appreciate the things which God has given us? It is good for us to meet together. I thank God that it was put into the mind of President [Brigham] Young to establish these Retrenchment Associations to bring together the sisters. I feel free wish the sisters to feel free and they Lord will pour out His spirit upon the bretheren and we will have a sweet time together Sister [Margaret T.] Smoot is here from Provo she was one of Sister Horne’s Counsellors and filled her position faithfully until she went South [n.p.]

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Mrs. [Sarah] Wheeler

[. . .] [n.p.] [. . .] My husband [William Wheeler?] was called on business to Camp Douglass <recently> and while there he was informed that there were two little girls of children of the saints, <there> they had come to camp to peddle apples and while there they were locked in a room for one hour alone with a soldier, and they were known to be frequently in the soldiers room, had heard their parents lived in the 11th Ward but did not ascertain their names. [. . .]

Coun. Miss E R Snow wished two sisters who were acquainted with the mother or guardian of these children to go to her with the Spirit of God in their bosoms and tell her of those children.

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Source Note

Retrenchment Association, Meeting Minutes (1871–1874), n.p., CHL (CR 129 1); Margaret M. Groo, Secretary.

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