11 August 1879

Brigham City General Relief Society; Brigham City, Utah Territory

Sister E. R. Snow,

Was happy to meet with her sisters, while hearing the minutes read, her heart overflowed, was proud of the Secretaries, they are preparing themselves for a great work, could see thoes [those] moving forward now who never have before, we occupy the highest positions <of any women> on the face of the world <earth>, joseph Smith said, without knowledge it is impossiable to be axelted [exalted] in the presents of God, if each member educates herself our society will becomed [become] refined and purefied, no one need think she is excusiable, the Lord says the idler shall not eat the bread of the laborer in Zion, I believe the sisters in Brigham City are an example to other settlements, I do not feel half as anxious about our Brotheren who are in prizen [prison] as thoes who are watching for evil and finding fault with the principles of our holy religion, and thoes who are striving to live up to their duties I believe you will be more closely tempted than you have ever been before. I think our religion is worth just as much as it was when the saints were done up in tare <tar> or pitch and burned to light the city of Rome there are many calling themselves saints who will not stand the test, it is nessary [necessary] to be on our guard lest some spirit should gain posession of our hearts, we should watch our own faults and try to overcome them the spirit of the Lord never stays with fault finders if we leave one duty neglected the advisery [adversary] will take the advantage we need not think because the hand of the Lord is heavy upon some people, and they are passing through trials and sivere [severe] aflictions that they have commited some great sin, the Lord will test his people they will have to pass through firery trials so he can have confidence in thoes who stand firm. Father knows best, let us be true to our God and eachother hold on to the rod of iron every time and the temptors will loose [lose] his power, we should humble ourselves before the Lord keep his spirit continually in our hearts come life or death it does not matter, our gr[e]atest aff[l]ictions will bring our gratest blessings.

[. . .] [p. 127]

Source Note

Box Elder Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1857–1944), vol. 3 (1875–1884), p. 127, CHL (LR 933 14); Phebe A. Snow, Secretary.

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 8, no. 8 (15 Sept. 1879): 61.

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