21 June 1884

Social Event; Franklin D. Richards Residence, Ogden, Utah Territory

[. . .]

Sister Eliza R. Snow Smith

gave a short address in which she said she was in full sympathy with the object of the young ladies’ visit. She said that the beautiful sentiments contained in the testimonial were a credit to them and were well and truly merited by Sister Emily S. Richards, whose labors, though they may cease for the time being in Ogden, will be continued on a similar manner in Salt Lake City where they will likewise be appreciated as they desire.

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Source Note

Friendly Farewell: Cordial Gathering and Tribute of Respect to Sister Emily S. Richards,” Ogden Daily Herald 4, no. 46 (24 June 1884): [1].

See also “Tribute of Esteem: To Mrs. Emily S. Richards,” Woman’s Exponent 13, no. 5 (1 Aug. 1884): 39.

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