28 February 1874

Retrenchment Association; Fourteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

White building with wood trim, Salt Lake City, circa 1890

Salt Lake City Fourteenth Ward meetinghouse, circa 1890. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

Meeting opened by singing, May we who know the joyful sound.

Prayer by Coun. Miss. E. R. Snow

[. . .]

Minutes of the Juniors Association of the 3rd, 16th, 11thth, 17th wards were read.

Pres. Mrs. M. I. [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne said

She had read an article in the Tribune called “The meanest man in the world”1 in which her name figured conspicuously, and she proposed that we turn this meeting into an indignation meeting to protest against it

Coun. Miss. E. R. Snow said,

I am pleased with the minutes of the young sisters and can see a very decided improvement now, compared to when they first organized their meetings. I feel to bless them. I will read the scurrilous article in the Tribune, as it is very necessary that you all should hear it.

She then read the article alluded to; where upon it was moved, seconded and carried that this meeting be turned an indignation meeting.

[. . .]

Coun. Miss E. R. Snow said [n.p.]

All those who Manufacture anf [and] publish such falsehoods, I feel to say May the same be visited upon them selves; all those who feel the same as I do will say Amen. And all the congregation said Amen.

[. . .] [n.p.] [. . .]

Coun. Miss. E. R. Snow, said,

She was rejoiced above all things to see that the sisters were waking up to their duties. Sister Zina Joung [Zina D. H. Young] and myself have visited some of the prominent settlements in Weber County, and in every place that we held meetings, the houses were crowded to overflowing. The Young ladies of Ogden have organised themselves into a soceity. There are a hundred and twenty young ladies in the association and they have the spirit of the Lord to a great extend for meeting was always the first consid[e]ration with them. God is with those who are interested in His kingdoms and H[e] will bless them. In as much as we meet together the Lord will pour out His SPirit upon us. My prayer is that we may prepare our selves for the blessings that God has in sotre [store] for us.

[. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

Minutes of the Senior and Junior Co-operative Retrenchment Association (1870–1880), n.p., CHL (CR 100 904); typescript (original not extant).

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