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15 August 1878

Weber Stake Relief Society; Ogden Tabernacle, Ogden, Utah Territory

A long, rectangular building with triangle roof, a single chimney, and three arched, front-facing windows.

Original Ogden Stake Tabernacle. Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.

Met according to adjournment at 2. P.M.

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Sister Eliza R. Snow Some three weeks ago I held a meeting in [Davis Stake?] I called in to see Sister [Aurelia Spencer] Rogers (a daughter of Bro [Orson] Spencer). A good whole souled woman we were talking of the good that was being done. Said she wished something could be done for the little boys, said she could control her own if others were controlled. I told her I thought an organisation of that kind might be effected I said Sister Rogers are you willing to step forward and see what you can accomplish said she was willing to do anything that was for the good of the children; It was too late to see Bp [Bishop John W.] Hess I told her I would write to him. I wrote & told him Sister Rogers was willing to step forward and do anything she could for the children he went to see her and she wrote to me said he thought it was a step in the right direction after getting home I spoke to Pres. [John W.] Taylor he thought it should be in operation. I spoke to Sister [Jane S.] Richards she thought the first step would be to get the parents together—The 16th ward I consider the most live ward we have. I spoke to a sister there and asked her if she was willing to step forward. I spoke to brother Joseph F. [Smith] he thought there ought to be a brother as well as a sister I asked her if she could get any brother she said her mind had centered on one we visited him his mind seemed to centre on it at once Said he was a laboring man but was willing to do all he could. I wanted to lay it before the people here and I thought this Conference would be the time. Most of our young people are organised and are effecting a great change. When we left the world we turned our backs on them, and the majority of the Young have been left to go on in their own way We were not left alone long they followed us.

In the early days of the church children had the [p. 113] gifts, they laid hands on the sick and they recovered1 The children have been left to grow up. Until to-day we have children that have been raised here that are confirmed Infidels. Children must be sent to school soon as we could get school houses they got a good education after the fashion of the world, but not of the gospel, No one can know the gospel is true only a[s] Peter did, by revelation.

Pres [Brigham] Young organised the young girls The Lord called upon us, as the Bps. [Bishops] call upon the willing. I guess that’s why; as we were willing. We were getting pretty fashionable we were told to get the girls to-gether, it was an up hill business. When the girls began to testify for themselves then the people began to wake up, Some of the first organisations broke up, the girls had not stamina enough to stand the ridicule. But we never ceased our exertions, but used all our exertions to stimulate the girls. Pres. Young attended one of the Meetings heard the minutes said he did not think two thirds of the men in Congress would do as well.

Some of Pres Youngs daughters for fear of this ridicule would go a round about way to get home. This in Zion. It dont look creditable but it was so

I found a nice lot of girls up in Paradice that had not been organised. These Societies do not draw in all, Many have got in so with the world that they stand aloof. There is not as much attention paid to the cultivation of the young in Zion as to the stack <stock>—The Lord has blest mothers so much that they have no time to teach their children. The germ of conscience is implanted in every mind. We want the you[n]g children to meet and be under a training. Not one of forse [force] but their hearts so filled with good impression [p. 114] that they will last forever. We want their moral and Physical energies developed. These little children can be taken and led along, We are sending missionaries abroad at an expence. Sometimes they baptise but who can spend that time in Zion teaching the young. The little boys could be taught in music could get up a band at a little expence. A Roman Catholic Priest can go out and get any ragged boy and get him a uniform and then hold him.

I want my sisters to take these things into serious consideration. In Mendon I was talking I asked if there was a sister that could put her soul in this work, one was mentioned I sent for her and told her she said she was not qualified for the work I said I should not want you to think you was The next morning she said she could not sleep for thinking of it. I hope the brethren will think of this thing as we cannot move one got [jot?] without their sanction, I feel so interested that it is before me all the time. I pray that whatever we do we may do good in Zion

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Bp [Milton M.?] Hammond [. . .] I have felt encouraged and strengthened in hearing the good counsels of the Sisters. The subject touched upon will cause us to reflect especially the subject of the young should enter deeply into the heart of every Father and Mother after we have been here 30 years working comes upon this instruction from Sister Snow to guide and teach the children is this a compliment it seems to me one over the left I feel to bless these sisters and encourage them to bring about a better condition of Society. How truthful we spend means to go to the Nations to gather in Scattered Israel and our children growing up to infidelity [p. 116]

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Sister J. S. Richards I feel more than gratifi<ed> for the instructions we have received I thank the brethren for coming I earnestly solicit that you come to-morrow You have heard what Sister Snow & Horne have said also Bro Taylors mind on this subject he approves it

How many sisters can bring their little boys & girls here to-morrow <morning> at 1/2 past 8 to meet sister snow all she desires is for our good. A vote called as to bringing the children which was unanimous [. . .] [p. 117]

Source Note

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