27 June 1884

Salt Lake Stake Relief Society; Social Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[Editorial Note: This discourse was reported in two different sources. Both are transcribed below. For more information, see the source note following each transcript.]

I. From the Salt Lake Stake Relief Society Record Book

[. . .]

Sister Eliza Snow spoke on the necessity of nursing the sick who were poor.

[. . .] [p. 80]

Source Note

Salt Lake Stake, Relief Society Record Book (1868–1903), p. 80, CHL (LR 604 70).

II. From the General Relief Society Record

[. . .]

Sister Snow Smith, instructed the representatives of Branches to report the condition of their branch and not themselves. [. . .] [p. 38]

Source Note

Relief Society Record (1880–1892), p. 38, CHL (CR 11 175).