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6 July 1885

Cache Stake Relief Society; Logan Tabernacle, Logan, Utah Territory

Two-story, brick building with three entrance doors and three stairways leading up to the entrances

Cache Stake Tabernacle, Logan, Utah Territory, circa 1890. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

[. . .]

President E R Snow then addressest the meeting I need your faith and prayers for I can do nothing of myself. If you will exercise faith The Lord will pour out His spirit and we shall all be blessed. I take pleasure in meeting you today we are all interested in our religion and it does not wear out the more we know of its principles the higher the value we set upon them every seperate principle is worth more to us than our mortal lives and I am proud and thankful that He has revealed to us the principle of Celestial Marriage. If I could go back and start my life over again I should choose to live in this order above all others. A Lady with whom I conversed told me she would lay down her life rather than live in it and I presume she would. oh how blind she was [p. 29]

There are things before us that says in my soul none but those who possess the Holy Ghost can stand in this church and Kingdom Our religion circumscribes all things that are good & true holy and beautiful— The world I mean the people of the world cannot comprehend its beauties they have only five senses— we have an added one. The Holy Ghost. We should guard most carefully this gift. Our spirits & bodies are so intimately connected and our spirits should control our will power should rise above the flesh and control it. We have been told that trials await us. Just now the poligamists are suffering but we may as well round up our shoulders for we shall every one need to bring into our lives true and noble integrity to withstand evil.

I was once in the Kirtland Temple on a Sabbath day and I could feel the darkness and bloodshed was expected momentarily.

Trials now have only begun. There will be a great apostacy. Who among us will keep the sacred covenants we have made

Peter at his own request was crucified with his head downward because he said he was not worthy to die as did His Lord.

The Lord will call from among us those that will move at His word as a phalanx not singly. Now some desecrate the Sabbath. then none will. Now and heretofore we have had a great deal to do to take care of His gifts— sometimes we have not had time even to thank Him. We have been instructed to store Wheat, first the bretheren then the Sisters— we have stored a little but in all it would be scarcely a meal for this people. Talk is going on of being more earnest in this duty. Will it be shutting the stable door after the Horses are stolen. We shall have to take sides in the conflict. I once had a foretaste of the Joy those will attain who will serve God. [p. 30]

A deaf and dumb girl once prophecied that Joseph Smith would do something that would thrill the whole world. The faithful in heart will secure the truth and abide it. I do pray that our young people may turn from folly and vanity and all things not of God. The daughters of Zion are to become as beautiful as polished stones.

Among the trials awaiting us sickness will cover the whole land both man and beasts will suffer and it will commence at the House of the Lord but God our Father is at the helm I was once asked if I could see the end and I replied yes but can tell nothing about the middle. Now my sisters I wish to say to all join the R. S. [Relief Society] and be working members every one of you. I am proud to be associated with it. Let us remember our experrence [experience] is our wealth and all we learn here will be ours hereafter and our passage thereto should have no terrors for us.

[. . .] [p. 31]

Source Note

Logan Utah Cache Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), pp. 29–31, CHL (LR 1280 14).

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