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26 October 1878

Croydon Relief Society; Croydon, Utah Territory

Special Meeting, present Sisters Snow & [Elizabeth A.] Davis [. . .]

Sister [Ellen] Thackeray was pleased to see so many of the Sisters and also of the Brethren present to hear the Instructions of the Sisters who have come among us. Miss Snow. Unless the Spirit of the Lord is poured out it will be of no use for us to meet. Am pleased to see so many present. In every place a few of the Sisters are Alive to their Duties. My Heart yearns for those who are not if they only knew the Blessings the Lord has in store for the Faithful. A great deal depends on the Sisters. Let us not negle[c]t assembling ourselves together, that we may have power we have the same warfare to fight through, that others have done before. Nothing could be compared to the Disappointment if we fail to gain the Blessing. Joseph Smith said we are saved so far as we gain the victory.

Keep watching & praying. the Relief Society has many Duties we must aim at Building each other up not pulling down, as sisters we should try to hide each others Faults. As mothers & sisters we want to overcome everything that arises in our midst let us quench every thing that is wrong. I tell the sisters to bring their Children to meeting I like to see them. If you have Children you need all the help the society can give you go to meeting and get the Holy Ghost in your hearts and you will Impart the same to your Household We are called on to sustain Home Industry We want to do something that will be good to Zion. the more you come together the more you will love each other the more you work [p. 28] Together it will lead to United Order. Spoke on the storing of wheat gleaning is becoming popular. some save a great deal in this way. This is very Important Have you had any trials Sisters I hope you have. It is through trials we are proved do not let us make our trials we want to overcome them. Spoke of Plural Marriage I know to day without that the Lord cannot save the Human Family.1 do not speak one word against it. Sisters be Detirmined let what will come let us be Faithful to all our Duties and may we continue to the end is my prayer in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

[. . .] Sister Snow again urged on the Sisters to try making Straw Hats [. . .] [p. 29]

Source Note

Croydon Ward, Morgan Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1875–1973), vol. 1 (1875–1904), pp. 28–29, CHL (LR 2061 14).

See also “Report of a Missionary Tour,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 13 (1 Dec. 1878): 103.

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