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3 October 1874

Wanship Relief Society; Wanship Schoolhouse, Wanship, Utah Territory

There was a meeting at the schoolhouse, there being some sisters from the city a general invitation was extended, to the brethren as well. [. . .]

Sister Eliza R. Snow said, I am thankful to see so many here on short notice, I want the faith and prayers of my brethren and sisters. The Saints of God can only be fed by the Spirit of God. There is no seperate interest in the kingdom for man and woman—we are not afraid to have our doings investigated—the relief Society is an organization of the kingdom, have my sisters thought that they were fellow helpers on a great mission, or do we feel that we are here to gather around us the comforts of life, if so not the right we might have been born in another dispensation if such are our ideas of life—We are here for to co-operate with God and man—To effect salvation it is neccessary to be organized and if it was rightly appreciated no virtuous woman would be outside—by many it is looked upon as a mere begging Institution. Joseph Smith said if the Sisters would take the poor off the Bishop’s hands they would accomplish a great work—many think man will save woman whatever she does—God himself could not save on such a principle—Man is the head but woman is a counsellor to him. If this was the case all would be peace and harmony—There was a a curse placed upon woman—is it humiliating to be ruled over by man—by disobedience the curse came and by obedience we will lead out. One law was given to man and woman before the fall, since then their interests have been disjointed—fallen nature comes in contact [p. 39] with the pure laws of Jesus—we need the mutual united effort of all to assist in removing all evil. If we occupy a higher position than women elsewhere, we should prove ourselves superior to them—it requires a determination, to fill the position to which we are called—the trials <toils> of life are trying but when we are full of the spirit we do not tire but are joyful, it is our privilege to have our hearts—our whole systems filled with the spirit that we feel when we meet together in love the angels meet with us.

You that feel you work hard day after day—if this is your duty it is just as acceptable as the labors of the Brethren, there are other records kept and you will not lose your reward.—Who would be an idler?—I want to accomplish all I can and fill up the measure of my days in usefulness. Young sisters set your mark high and live up to it—large spheres await you—read all good books each day lay up something useful, store up knowledge you have all a right to the comforter that will bring things to your remembrance.—Daughters of Zion great things await you, do not feel you are born for nothing. I hope the Young Ladies will not depreciate their abilities. Many of our young people do not know it is their privilege to have the gifts of the Gospel.—I believe the Sisters here are alive. To bear a testimony is one of the objects of this organization, if you can only say a few words.

When the sisters say they have no time, they have not attended their meetings enough to realize the benefit—be punctual in attendance, and you will accomplish more work with greater ease that if you stayed at home. We are here to carry out the purposes of God whether it leads in pleasant paths or not—we had our missions allotted [p. 40] to us before we came here. Do not be discouraged little by little, we shall overcome, there is no rapid strides to perfection—Pray that God may bless you and that the young may grow up faithful to every principle—To the Teachers I would say if the hearts of the people were warm as they should be, they would not have to ask—never shrink from any duty you are called to perform. Humble yourselves and get the Holy Ghost that you may have wisdom to impart of that Spirit to others, this is a high and holy calling.

[. . .] [p. 41]

Br [Thomas Stephen] Nixon, [. . .] I understand the voice and spirit of Joseph through his wife Eliza R Snow—and I pray God to bless these my Sisters

[. . .] [p. 42]

Source Note

Wanship Ward, Summit Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1872–1972), vol. 1 (1872–1880), pp. 39–42, CHL (LR 9910 14).

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