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23 June 1878

Spring City Relief Society; Spring City, Utah Territory

A meeting was called for the purpose of listning to Sisters Presedent Eliz R Snow Zina Young and Sis [Amelia H.] Goldsbrough who had come to council and encourage us in liveing up to our duties

[. . .] Sis Snow was introduced to the congregation by Sis [Mary Ann] Hyde

Sis Snow was thankful to meet with the saints and the people if they were of God She prayed God to be with her so that she should be filled with his spirit that what she might say should be according to his will and wish she prayed him to help her to give good council and to say what she ought to to to to the people. In most all audi[e]nces there were as you might say milk and water saints, we all profesed to be saints but was not as good as we shound [should] be. Sensures [Centuries] had gone by since God had taken the gosple from the wicked p[e]ople of the earth because they would not listen to the prophets of God whom he had sent to teach them his will untill at last he ment to cut his work short in rightousness, he came to a little boy and made hisself and his will known unto him from time to time and a church organized in this the ‘nineteenth centuery. In 1842 Joseph [Smith] organized a female releif society according to the commangments [commandments] of God his wife Emma [Smith] was pres and she was secertary some thought that the bretheren would save us and we had nothing to do but this was not the case we had just as much to do as they had and had as great labor to do and would receive jus as much blessings man and woman was equal one could not be made perfect with out the other we have to work out our own salvation that we have set out for a fullness of the kingdom we have got to work all day and it will take all to we cannot devide the the blessings of God and if any of us are so blinded <as> to think we can we shal find ourselves in the most auful [awful] disapointment,. when we entered the watters of baptism we we contracted to leave the watters of babolone [Babylon] be hind and to leave our wicked tradions [traditions] and ways have we done it has not our father been p[a]tient with us long enough he has and now is the time we must a rise and and have our lamps lit we have the greatest priveliges and the greatest blessings [p. 16] of any people on the earth. but our bodies are of the earthy and are temporal ther fore [therefore] on a[c]count of satan haveing power over the earth it causes them to draw downward. but our spirits are of celestial material and draws upward. we forget that God has placed us here to prove us and sees if we will prove faith ful or to not. Spoke on the duty of a woman as “a wife and mother how they should train their children. and that they should bee a councelor and not a dictator. bore her testimony to the truth of celestial marriage that a woman was a councelor how much bet[t]er it was when a man was on a mision if he had t[w]o or three wise councelors at home to pray for him how much better it would bee for him. Spoke of the spiritual education of children and how pitiable it is for to see a young man sent on mision with out ever hearing his one [own] voice in prayr how important it is for them to be taught in the religion of Jesus Christ one says our sunday school is a most blessed place institution why cant they be taught there it is very good but it is not enough. Spoke of the duty of a teacher that they should go forth with the spirit is of God to warm up the hearts of those who have grown cold and and comfort the the moner [mourner]. they should have enough of the spirit of God with them that when they went in to a house they could tell the spirit of that house. spoke much on raising silk, and white beans and prepareing for famin. and becomeing self sustaining.

[. . .] [p. 17]

Source Note

Spring City Ward, Sanpete North Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 2 (1878–1901), pp. 16–17, CHL (LR 8637 14).

See also Philindia E. Benson, “Correspondence,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 8 (15 Sept. 1878): 62.

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