3 June 1875

Salt Lake City Thirteenth Ward Young Ladies; Charles J. Thomas Residence, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

[. . .] prayer by Miss E. R. Snow [. . .] [p. 37]

[. . .]

By request of the President [Elizabeth F. Thomas] Miss E. R. Snow followed;

Spoke of the pleasure it afforded her to meet with her young Sisters. She did not wish to take up the time as she wished them to know that this was to improve them. She could bear testimony that among the young there is always a spirit of God. He loves those who have pure hearts, and will meet with those who are trying to do His will; Angels are watching and bearing testimony of your willingness to do His work.

I ask of you to every day lay up something in your hearts to make you pure, wise women of God. Spoke of the improvement in language wished them to remember it and make home the school to educate and refine yourselves in; good manners and good language will enable any person to appear in the best society.

[. . .] [p. 38] [. . .] [p. 39]

The president [. . .] felt that we enjoyed a great privilege in having the presence of Miss E. R. Snow, it strengthened her and she felt <was> truly grateful for the kindness shown, and felt to give the glory to God for pouring out His Holy Spirit upon us.

[. . .] [p. 40]

Source Note

Thirteenth Ward, Ensign Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875), pp. 37–40, CHL (LR 6133 17); Louise A. Ashby, Secretary.