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25 May 1876

Salt Lake City Seventeenth Ward Young Ladies; Julia C. Howe Residence, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Two-story, wood home with front balcony and covered side porch; one woman stands on the porch while another holds a baby in the yard

Julia and Amos Howe residence, Salt Lake City. (Used by permission of Peggy Sorensen.)

[. . .]

Sr Eliza R. Snow said I am greatly impressed with the chapters read for to me they are very important At present there is a mist of darkness over the saints. There are many who are now ready to point the finger at any who will attend their meetings and other religious duties. The Lord revealed the organization of the Young Ladies & it is for their benefit and for the benefit of Zion and she had wished many times that the people of God could realize the benefit of the organizations of the young and hoped they would soon do so. Thought that the young did not fully realize the positions they would have to fill when the more aged would pass away. We cannot meet together with honest purposes unless Angels and the spirit of God is near. The angels come a<nd> meet with us when we come to gether but we cannot see them. We all have something to do for the kingdom of God both young & old. I feel interested in these association for I know that the [p. 86] girls will gain their salvation if they attend their meetings regular and punctual in attendance If we are not filled withe the spirit of God we are filled somewhat with the spirit of the world if we seek the spirit of God we shall be happy whether we have much or little of the riches of this world for if we do not have the spirit of God in us we will not enjoy riches if we have any those who trifle with these associations will be left behind & those who do not trifle with them will lead out [. . .]

Miss Ida Felt said [. . .] [p. 87] [. . .] Sr Snow say our companions point the finger of scorn at us for attending our meetings but I know that if we attend our meetings we will be a great deal more benefitted by it than by never going to meeting. [. . .]

Sr E. R. Snow asked a few questions and gave a few ideas about questions in meetings. [. . .] [p. 88]

Sr S [Sinah] Bishop I feel as though we have had some very good instructions this afternoon I have never seen angels but I have heard them two or three times gave the incidents. [. . .] [p. 89]

Source Note

Seventeenth Ward, Salt Lake Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1870–1973), vol. 2 (1875–1878), pp. 86–89, CHL (LR 8240 17).

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