3 February 1881

St. George Stake Relief Society; St. George Tabernacle, St. George, Utah Territory

Image of the St. George Tabernacle taken in 1935

St. George Tabernacle, St. George, Utah Territory. (Courtesy Church History Library. Photograph by LeRoi Clarence Snow in Utah scenes, 1935 Collection.)

[. . .]

Sister Susan Vance [. . .] [n.p.] felt we were blessed with the presence of Sisters Eliza R & Zina D. [H. Young] [. . .]

Sister Eliza R Snow said she had been traveling through the settlements, and found a good feeling prevailing among the sisters, said she would like the sisters to accustom themselve to speaking in these meetings, so that if at any time they were called upon to express their thoughts upon any subject, they might be able to do so in an inteligent manner, said that all who would become Saviors, must have a determined will to do right, we should learn to attend to the things that are of the most importance, and let those that are more trifling alone, not to fret and murmur, and think our lot hard. for when we do, we are calling in question the providence of God, and grieving the good spirit which if we continued to do so, would finally leave us [. . .] [n.p.] [. . .]

Sister Minerva W Snow <said> she had been down to Bunkerville with sisters E R & Z D and they held two meetings and organized a primary association [. . .] [n.p.]

Source Note

St. George Utah Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1973), vol. 1 (1868–1892), n.p., CHL (LR 7836 14); Agnes G. McQuarrie, Secretary.

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