14 June 1875

Silk Association; City Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Large, two-story, brick building with chimney stacks and a centered cupola

Salt Lake City Hall, circa 1867–1870s. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

[. . .]

Mrs E R Snow in behalf of committee reported the sum of $133.00 Subscribed for the purpose of purchasing machinery of which $69[.]00 had been paid, she said that the disposition, manifested on the part of the majority was to enquire whether the enterprise would pay.

[. . .]

Br Robert [L.] Campbell [. . .] said it was his wish before sending for machinery with the exception of a reel, that Silk should be produced in an extensive manner, and the Society Society be properly organized.

[. . .]

That a Temporary Organization should be immediately formed under the name of the Deseret Silk Association, and that E R Snow, M I Horn [Mary Isabella Hales Horne], and Robert Campbell, act as a Committee to nominate the necessary officers. [p. 7]

Source Note

Deseret Silk Association, Deseret Silk Association Minutes (1875–1878), p. 7, CHL (MS 14029); John B. Maiben, Secretary.

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