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2 September 1882

Cache Stake Primary; Logan Tabernacle, Logan, Utah Territory

Two-story, brick building with three entrance doors and three stairways leading up to the entrances

Cache Stake Tabernacle, Logan, Utah Territory, circa 1890. Courtesy Church History Library.

[. . .] Sister Snow said she was very much pleased with the reports especially with the number of testimonies by one of the associations. By request of Sister [Jane E.] Molen she called upon the children to sing the hymn entitled In Our Lovely Deseret.

[. . .]

Sister Snow said she thought so much of the children that she felt as if they were all hers. She asked them some questions which were well answered. She was glad to learn that some paid tithing; and told the children to pray for the sick, for the Lord heard their prayers as soon as any other persons; pleased to know that the children were making something for the Fair; told them not to get discouraged but try and invent something. She desired all to learn to pray and sing. Gave them the following note to learn. A place for everything and everything in its place. [p. 5]

[. . .]

Sister Molen [. . .] asked all to pray for Sister Snow to speak in tongues that they might know the gift of tongues was still with the Church [. . .]

Sister Snow arose and told of the meetings little children had when the Prophet Joseph [Smith] was alive. Little children then spoke in tongues; and she said the time would come again when children would have the gift of tongues

She entreated the children to be good, not to do anything wicked for the Lord sees you all the time and he hears and knows all you do and say. We can not see God but if we live faithful, never lie, never sin but always do right the time will come when we shall see him. She then spoke to them in tongues after which Sister Young gave the interpretation. The following is a brief synopsis of the same

Brothers and Sisters be good; if you could see the angels that are here you would be astonished. God loves you he will bless you if you are faithful. Live humble before the Lord. Oh, Father bless these little ones that they may have peace

She then spoke to the mothers and said Oh Father bless [p. 6] the mothers of these little ones. Thou knowest my agony and the tears I have shed on my pillow by night. Mothers extend thy faith that the Spirit of God may rest upon you and them.

[. . .] [p. 7]

Source Note

Logan Utah Cache Stake, Primary Association Minutes and Records (1881–1973), vol. 1 (1881–1911), pp. 5–7, CHL (LR 1280 18); Armenia Parry, Acting Secretary.

See also Charles Ora Card, Diary, 2 Sept. 1882, HBLL, BYU (SCM 1264).

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