28 September 1880

Glenwood Relief Society; Glenwood, Utah Territory

Sister Eliza R Snow and Sister [Bathsheba W.] Smith called at Glenwood to hold a meeting [. . .]

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Sister Snow arose and said Sister Smith had said that the strong should bring up the weak said she was pleased to meet with the sisters in Glenwood said the relief Societies had a many Missions to fill said she understood that the sisters here wanted a house to meet in said she was pleased to see the Bretheren here tonight said she hoped the Brethren would help the sisters to build it she said she thought the sisters had done well in this place. said she would respectfully invite the Brethren to help the sisters she said in many places the Brethren had given the sisters some land to plan some mulberry <mullberies> on said we had a very peculiar season this last season <year> but we must not be cast down said we had been called on to raise silk and she hoped that the Bretheren would lend a helping hand in this cause. [p. 222] said Brother [A. Milton] Musser had given that instructions said we had been called on to do a many things that we had not done if we had we should have been self sustaining instead of being drest as we might have been drest in silk she said that a man skilled in silk culture had said if a Lady had a silk dress made of the silk raised here she might have it for twenty years. said we can dress cheaper in silk than wool she said it would take 3 years to get the trees grown said we had a many now but we should have a thousand where we had one she had heard of a few coocoons raised this season said she was glad said the sisters had done a great deal said she was called on at the centenial in 1876 to give acount of the different societies said they amounted to between 70 and 80 thousand $ said we had supported the poor and one a great deal said the bretheren had assisted us said there was no dividing our intrest between man and woman said we should create confidence in each other said all the sisters in every settlement should belong to the relief societies said if they would come to their meetings it would make all happy said we all should attend fast meetings. said it was the active members that would receive the blessings said the slothfull would not receive the same blessings said we should not trifle with this work said if they d[page torn] not take a part with the sisters they would not [page torn] reap the reward but she was proud of her[page torn] [p. 223] she said the young had been neglected for years after we came here said we had strugled to get schools but it was up hill buisness said their spiritual parts had been neglected said she heard of a young man who got up in the meeting and said bring me a bronkoo [bronco] horse and i can ride him but i do not know any thing about the gospel. said the Lord called on us to organize the girls into a retrenchment society but some of the mothers saw no nesesitiy [necessity] for it because they were laughed at for it but when they organized them they stood bold untill they organized the young Men three years after the Young Ladies. she said the children were the most important said she was supprized to see the little children so happy. she wished the Mothers to send their children to meeting said they ought to encourage them all in their power to go and be taught to serve God. said Mothers had better to lay their children in the grave than see them grow up and take the wrong path said we must be on our guard against evil said drunkeness lay a great deal in using tobacco. begged of Parents to use every means in their power to prevent their children from using it said it was a great thing to be a saint said God would not be mocked we must attend our meetings and partake of the sacrament. said our families ties are in the celestial kingdom. we have every thing to encourage us. she spoke of P[l]ural marrage said it was a perfect law. said she had her own prejuse [prejudice] about it said she did not know much about it when she was married to Joseph Smith said she did not know if ever she would be owned as a wife spoke of the Angel standing with a drawn sword in his hand and told Joseph if he did not comply with the requirment of heaven that his priesthood should be taken from him she asked the sisters to follow her example and said she was always proud to speak of pural marrage [p. 224] said it would prove a blessing to them that lived it aright she told a dream of a woman thought she died and went to a place where they weighed carracters and she asked what good she had done was told none he told her to go back forty years. said death was only steping out of one room into another said she knew who she should be associated with when she went away behind the vail said trials was good for us said it was not good to talk about our trials only for some good purpose. prayed God to bless us all in the name of Jesus Amen

[. . .]

Brother [William B.] Morrison arose and bore testimony to all that had been said. he said he was very much pleased in visiting round with Sister E R Snow and Sister B. Smith spoke of the sisters going out to meet them coming in spoke of the little children going to see the sisters at Brother [Daniel W.?] Jackman house and singing a song. which pleased the sisters very much spoke of visiting the house of Mourning [p. 225] [. . .]

Sister E R Snow said that the wheat that the saints had stored away was sacred said it should not be used for any thing said it was not our own we must not use it only as the Priesthood directs said we must go at their bidding

Sister Mary A Buchanan [. . .] asked God to bless our sisters on their journey in the name of Jesus Amen

[. . .] [p. 226]

Source Note

Glenwood Ward, Sevier Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1873–1974), vol. 1 (1873–1881), pp. 221–226, CHL (LR 3227 14).

See also “Home Affairs,” Woman’s Exponent 9, no. 11 (1 Nov. 1880): 84.

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