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12 July 1871

Big Cottonwood Relief Society; Big Cottonwood Meetinghouse, Big Cottonwood [Holladay], Utah Territory

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Mrs. E [Elizabeth T.] Boyes said “I feel pleased to see Sister Snow today. I am allways glad, to be where I can get good instruction. [. . .] [p. 170]

Mrs. E. [Eliza S.] Moses, said “[. . .] I want to live in a way, that my example, may be worthy of imatation,—I pray the Lord to bless Sister Snow, that she may live to a good old age, that she may do good.”

[. . .]

Sister E. R. Snow, said, “I am glad to see so many, even those, who are called to be Saints—we are organized and called to act, as a portion of the Preisthood, If the sisters only could realize, they would not think it irksome to fill the duty of the society.—Besides the Society, Looking after the Poor, and adminsstering to their wants, it is calculated to develop us. I have recently had conversations with those who do not profess to have confidance in God. Women of influence, such as Mrs. [Elizabeth Cady] Stanton and Miss [Susan B.] Anthony, they are trying to elevate women. I told them they had not the material to do it with, they, to me, are objects of pity. To compare the position of our sisters with their postion is absurd. We have the advantage, our position is, as high above thiers, as they are above the savage.

We do not appreciate our privilege as we should, our systim has life and immortality, before us, poor, despised, Latterday Saints, how we are privileged.

Let us renew our diligence, In this organization there rests a higher responsibility on each member, than we think. It includes everything that elevates and exalts woman. Makes them more intelligent and noble. [p. 171]

We have much to learn, in every department, it will take time to teach us all we should know. I recollect a Presidentess calling on me, some time ago. she felt like resig[n]ing her position, she took to much on herself, she should have shared her Labours. with the members dividing the responsibility.

Without union, we cannot prosper, these difficulties arise from a want, of proper, understanding. William S Godbys [Godbe] first wife [Annie T. Godbe] was counsilor in the, 13th Ward in Salt Lake City, she came and told me. “she wished to resign, “her position” I advised her not to do so. I told her it would lead to apostacy,” she did resign. And you know the result

The bussiness of the Society, ought to be laid before the Society, so that all, can be done by vote. but if the sick or poor need imediate releif, it is nessesary to use the funds, without, a vote of the meeting, for that is what they are for—

We should be glad to learn our errors. I am glad to receive instruction from anyone, even the smallest child; We are aiming at perfection. We have got the right starting point, but we are apt to overlook, our own faults, while looking at our neighbours.—I do not wish persons to come praise and flatter me, but let them come and tell me my faults. We want to pursue a course to create confidance, with each other, you cannot have confidance in me, of your own free will. I must take a certain course, for you to have confidance in me, if a freind does anything to spoil my confidance in her, she does me an injustice, for instance, if there is a meeting appointed, and some of the sisters disregard the notice. Can there be confidance in such? No! It is those who attend regularly, that the President and members have confidence in. We want to pursue a course that, will cause us to be of consequence, make the President. and her Counsilors, feel they cannot do without you, be allways on hand, but, let us feel we are needed. The Prophet said. “Let us speak, often one to another,” who can meet the feelings of a woman as a woman can, therefore we should be prepared to give Counsil. We need to strengthen each other. I love to see my sisters take a stand to act nobly.

[page damage] [I am?] willing to have the Latter day Saints brought into [page damage]arison [comparison?] with the World. We have perfect principles, [p. 172] those who are awake to their interest will take hold, with their might, to bring about perfect practice.

We must be wide awake. And try to suppress evil. What shall we say about dress, let us look respectable, even more so, than the Ladies of the World, shall we disregard the counsil we get from our Presidant [Brigham Young]? would it not be better to take pattern after the portion, who obey counsil, than those who do not, but there is no use to speak of such things, untill the Spirit of God gets into our hearts. I would exhort the old, young, and middleaged to seek after the Spirit of God.

Those who court the society of the gentiles, will see the time, they will be dissaponited—The time will come, when the young sisters, will stand forth, as bright and shining lights in the Kingdom of God. My young sisters, study the Gospel, let us stand our ground, and prepare ourselves, that when women from the World, come here to teach, they may find us, their superiors. We are to be the teachers, let us prepare for it. We must treasure up the good. We dont know when we may be liable to take our ground.

There are two parties here now. I heard that at the last Election, the opposite side tried very hard, to get a ticket from a blind Lady.—I presume we will have to know a little of Law, it may be nesessary sometimes

Let us be on hand the first Monday in August to vote, for those, we have a right to vote for.

The fashion of our Temple Clothing, is so changed the Lord would not acknowledge them, let us put them to rights. It will require our united efforts, to bring this about. I want every sister to take an interest in this. [10 words redacted relating to ceremonial temple clothing.]

I feel there is an humble Spirit here. The Spirit of God is here. The gentiles know nothing of the happiness we know. The Spirit of God will lead us into all Truth.

Every victory we gain, is in the right direction, it will bring us into the presence of God. Let us be careful, not to do anything, that would make a dark [page damage] [mark?] on our character, but that we may be held in honor, from generation, to generation, or be cast into oblivion [page damage] [forever?]

We have loving Devils now in our midst, let us [page damage] [beware?] [p. 173] them, they are coaxing our children into their day and Sabbath schools, but they have a right to do as they please. The Lord instructs us. And then we have to take our own paths

Let us prepare ourselves for the first Resurrection. While others will have to stay a thousand years after. Ours is a reality—God has spoken. And His word is True.”

[. . .] [p. 174]

Source Note

Big Cottonwood Ward, Granite Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1948), vol. 1 (1868–1882), pp. 170–174, CHL (LR 712 14); Elizabeth A. Howard, Secretary.

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