28 January 1886

Box Elder Stake Young Ladies; Brigham City, Utah Territory

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Sis. E. R. S. Smith said she could appreciate the feelings of diffidence of the young sisters. Spoke of temptations; Said our mortal eyes cannot behold pure beings; when we meet together with pure feelings, angels & resureccted beings are near us, our eyes must be touched, or we cannot see them. You are all born heirs to the Kingdom of God, & are apt to be indifferent & not sufficiently earnest: referred to Hannah as instance of sincerity & earnestness.“If we sought more earnestly for the Holy Ghost, we might enjoy many things that we do not now.[”] Spoke of Esdras,1 to the Holy Ghost as being the 6th. sense, which the L. D. S. [Latter-day Saints] possess. Spoke on present times & persecutions: “none will be able to stand but those who have the Holy Ghost. Live near unto God. Keep in mind that you won[’]t grow into blessings as you grow into womanhood; they are obtained by earnestly seeking & living for them. Spoke on pride & the cultivation of humility.” Pleased that you are studying the Bible & B’k of Mormon: you must treasure up every good principle. You are living in times when prophecies are being fulfilled. [p. 44] Referred to Joseph Smith’s prophecy; that the saints would establish themselves in the mountains & after that would be the greatest apostasy. Blessed the Association.

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Sis. E. R. S. Smith thanked the sisters for speaking; said she had been strengthened, it is as food to our spirit.

[. . .] [p. 45]

Source Note

Box Elder Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875–1944), vol. 2 (1879–1893), pp. 44–45, CHL (LR 933 17); Lydia S. Pierce, Secretary.

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