24 June 1878

Spring City Young Ladies and Young Men; Spring City, Utah Territory

[. . .] A speicial meeting was called and held in honner <and> with wish of Mary A Hyde to Sisters Eliza Snow and Zina Young and Mrs Gouldsbrough [Amelia Goldsbrough]. [. . .]

Sis Annine [Anine] Justesen was much pleased to have our worthy Sisters pay us a visit, and to have them talk to us, She hoped the congregation would keep quiet and that good attention would be given Sis Snow would now speak to us

Sis Snow arose and said with the help of God, she would try to say Some thing that would edify the people. she prayed he would help her and fill her with his spirit. She would speak to the young and the children our young had been neglected in being taught the principles of God and for that reason many had fallen in to perdition. they had been taught the teachings of the world that was books, but they had not the rules and teaching of our church, and God. for that reason many had gone to distruction and it was sorroful to their parrent, and to God. it had been left to the parrent to teach them but the thought that all <was> well in Zion. and for that reason there was no need of being so strict and watchful untill the evilone [evil one] came in but now it was for us to be up and alive to all things there were societies started for the young Pres [Brigham] Young counciled her to first to comence with the young girls. she done so, and she <met with> great trouble in so doing. she was some surprised at the young men not comencing first but it was with that she though[t] as it was with Eve she was the firs[t] to transegress so she must be the first to reform They got the young girl started <organised> some and then Pres Young said the Young men started <organised> and those who were in these societes and were striveing for the upbuillding of the kingdom of God it done them a great deal of Good. and it shewed who was for the church of God or not there is some of them who con [can] bear their testimony that they know this is the chirch and kingdom of God for they have had revilations and there is no one who knows this to be the kingdom of god except through direct revilation. Said we should seek for revilation it is our duty to do so. God has placed it within our reach to become Godeses and priesteses thes <then> what kind of lif[e] Should we lead and what kind of wimen [p. 40] should we be. we should seek to be the noblist of wimen kind never do any thing evil or loo [low] and chose godd [good] men for husbands make it amatter of earnest prayr for God to give you a suitable one and not be ashamed to ask con cerning one of the greatest blessing there is. Spoke to the young men told them never to profane the name of the deity. or smoke or chew tobaco or drink liquor. but store their minds w[i]th knolledge by reading chirch works, that whin they wer called to preach the gospel they would be qualified and not be unable to make any discorse to edify anyone. She then related the experience of a young man who was sent to preach and was all to gather [together] un qualified. she said she would give the young a key to success. never shirk a duty never concider a duty to small or to large for y[o]u to attend to. all who have been baptised into the chirch and kingdom of <God> had covenanted with him to do what ever was required of them. and the children of lat[t]er day saints who have had their endowlments are lawful airs [heirs] of the kingdom of god and should set their mark high and wor[k] to it[.] gave much instructions concerning the eternities and how we shou<ld> live to gain eternal lives in the kingdom of God. advised each member of the societies to spend their <leisure> time im [in] reading scriptures and keep anaccount [an account] of how many chapters they read and that should bee given to a special secritary who should bee called for that purpose to keep acount of and that bee given to the secretary of the society and on a corect acount maid out of how much had been read and who had read. and the amount of reading sent in with the report at the quarterly confrince [conference].

[. . .] [p. 41] [. . .]

[. . .] Sister Snow Sister Ma Hyde and sister [Sarah] Ellis pored out their heart ful of blessings on the people in tounges and Sister Zina interpreted it. [. . .] [p. 42]

Source Note

Spring City Ward, Sanpete North Stake, Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association Minutes and Records (1875–1973), vol. 1 (1875–1887), pp. 40–42, CHL (LR 8637 17).

See also Philindia E. Benson, “Correspondence,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 8 (15 Sept. 1878): 62.

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