Circa April 1875

Salt Lake City Sixteenth Ward Young Ladies; Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

I am pleased to see so many present. We have a mission to perform or we should not be here. Are we trying to perform that mission? We do not, any of us, know what we can accomplish until we are tried, what powers we possess until they are called into requisition. I say to all my sisters, strive to be great and mighty in doing the work that God has given you. When I first entered this church I made up my mind I would never refuse to do any thing that I should be called upon to do; and at the organization of your society there was one young woman who made the same resolution. I asked her the other day if she had kept her promise, and she answered yes. Well, that young woman shall be blest—the spirit of darkness shall not enter her heart, she will be blest to do a good work in the Kingdom of our God. Young sisters be punctual in attending your meetings; mothers help your daughters to come to meeting. I know these meetings were organized by the power of the Holy Ghost through President [Brigham] Young! The key will soon be turned, and angels will again visit the earth. I want to tell my young sisters a few things that they can do in a united capacity; do you know that you possess the power to influence the young men for evil or for good? Do not depend upon your parents nor your future husbands for salvation; there are few young men now-a-days who will prove saviors, you will have to go in groups, to the few who are worthy. Joseph Smith said (and he knew by revelation) that there were more good women than men on earth; that proves the wisdom of plurality. Girls, marry good, noble men. I don’t care if they are [p. 178] old men if they are men of God. It has been said that our sons and daughters should be prophets and prophetesses. Where is the young lady or gentleman who dare to rise up and prophesy in the name of God? I often think, as a people of God we are not half so wide a-wake to our work as the spirits of darkness are to the work of opposing. I am ashamed of the people of God in many instances. It requires a firm will and a strong determination to do right, to enter the gate of Heaven. Paul said the spirit was made subject to vanity. Do you realize you have a work to do to help purify Zion, and that it will take union to accomplish it, and to roll on the Kingdom of God? Be firm in your religious duties, seek after truth, and don’t mind making yourself look conspicuous. The speaker then related a vision seen by Bro. Solomon Angel [Angell] of St. George, given to him before President Young started home from the south. She continued, seek unto the Lord for wisdom; there are prophets and prophetesses in our midst, will the spirit not impart the same to the young as to the old now as in the early rise of the church? When I first joined this church I could tell a sister or a brother when ever I met one, but how is it now? I cannot tell whether it is a brother, sister, Gentile, Jew, or what ever. I should like to see the time again when I could tell a sister when I see her. Instead of our being a peculiar people, we are drifting after the world. God’s people were a peculiar people. I want to know how many young ladies have stamina enough to comply with the request I am going to make. As Eve led out in the evil, why should she not be the first in doing good[?] President Young has forbidden his family to indulge in round dances; now if you make resolutions, adhere to them. I think you are trying to do right. I don’t want one person to vote unless she has stamina to keep sacred the[i]r promise. These round dances were originated by the adversary to lead to evil. A vote was then called for all who would not participate in those dances to manifest it by the uplifted hand. She then said God bless you who have voted! And he will bless you. We have hundreds of young ladies who have taken this vote. We are living in the last dispensation, the wheels of time are rolling on, the nations of the earth are ready to break up. Mothers in Israel, I bless you. I bless my young sisters. I say to you mothers throw an influence around your sons and daughters for good. It fills my heart with joy to meet with you, and I would enjoin upon you to meet together often—it is of the greatest importance. I am greatly interested in the young people. The Bible says, seek first the Kingdom of God—how many of us have made it our first duty? I will leave it for each one to answer for herself. Wake up my sisters, myself as well, and let us be Saints in very deed. God bless you, Amen.

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Source Note

A Synopsis of Remarks, by Sister Eliza R. Snow,” Woman’s Exponent 3, no. 23 (1 May 1875): 178–179.

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