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30 June 1878

Santaquin Relief Society; Santaquin, Utah Territory

minutes of A special meeting called by Miss Eliza R Snow, and Mrs Zina D Young. [. . .]

[. . .] Sister Snow arose, and said she was arround teaching and instructing the Releif Societys—She said the Releif—Societys was not organized soley for the releif of the poor—but to save souls, and to help our Bishops, in their work of salvation—she said there could not be A true Church—with out A releif Society she had heard, Brother Joseph Smith say the same—husbands could not save us—but our salvation depended upon our own exertions—therefore we should hounour our calling living the life of A true Saint, placing our affections on heavenely things—asspiring to an higher sphere—seeking to discharge our duties—faithfully—she said we need not be afraid of doing too much nor getting ahead of our Bretheren—and iff we did why let them hurry up—she asked if there were any women in this place that did not belong to the releif Society—and iff so, how could they see others that were faithfull receiving their reward—and they receive none—for no good work that they were doing—she said that when A woman went to meeting with A good spirit she was happy while there and happy when she went home—and every person with whom she came in contract [contact] felt her benign influence. but the woman that staid at home, and did not attend meeting—was not happy herself, nor made her home happy, but was sure to be the one to find fault with those that was doing their duty—she said if we wished to attain to an higher preisthood, we must try to live to A full sense of our duties—and be punctual at our meetings—she said her mission, was to instruct the sisters, but she felt unworthy—she compared this earth to A kitchen in which to do her work—she felt like doing her work, so that hereafter, she could sit in the palour [parlor] and enjoy herself—and attain higher Glory—she thought the sisters here were doing well—and alive to their duties—she spoke of our raising silk—saying we had energy enough to raise silk and make it A success—she said the releif Society was to promote home industry—and make us self sustaining—and to free us from Babylon—she said it was very—[p. 1] important to save our Grain, and take care of it—as the famine was sure to come—she recomended raising Beans—as they would keep for Years, secure from mice—she then spoke of Plural—Marrage as being A righteous principle—without which God could not save the human family1—for who could do the work for the dead—she said iff any did not like it—not to speak against it—as they would be called to answer for it—she felt to bless us and our young sisters—and exhorted the mothers to watch over their daughters—and not to let them go to Salt Lake City to work—as they were very much exposed to bad company—she said we needed A constant warming up to keep us to our duties—and we need not have any fear of death if we were faithful to our duties—and kept Gods commandments she asked God to bless us—and keep us humble and faithfull to the end—and so closed her remarks—

Sister Zina D. Young next spoke—saying she felt like bearing her testamony to what Sister Snow had said as she knew it was all true, as she had spoken by the Spirit of God [. . .]

Sister Snow again arose, and spoke of the gifts of the Gospel—saying if we lived our releigion as we should do—we would have all of the gifts among us.— she spoke of the gift of tongues—saying as she had that gift [p. 2] she felt like using it for our comfort—she then spoke in tongues for quite A lenth of time—Sister Zina Young interpreted it, which was indeed A comfort to us all—as it bore blessings to every one present— [. . .] Bishop George Halladay bore testamony to the truth of Sister Youngs interpretation, as he himself had it [. . .] [p. 3]

Source Note

Santaquin Ward, Nebo Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1920), vol. 6 (1878–1889), pp. 1–3, CHL (LR 8765 14); Elizabeth Carter, Secretary.

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