16 October 1874

Weber County Relief Societies; City Hall, Ogden, Utah Territory

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Sister Eliza R. Snow I have been much pleased with the reading of the minutes and the reports of the Teachers as far as they go they have not reported how many good words of comfort they bestowed and what success in saving souls. I would request particularly that the Teachers take seats in front so as not to disturbe those sitting near them. We want to preserve order and impress it on our girls perhaps the Teachers feel to[o] modest to come forward, Whatever our position in life we should learn to fill it with honor and dignity false modesty is very much extant Parents who are filling these places should do all [p. 211] all they can to proper cultivate the elevation of woman. I was thinking what a power these sisters might be I presume they are how much help they might render to their President or their Bishop. There is so much to overcome, so much to guard against we need all the strength we can obtain, need each others assistance, how prone we are to go astray, how watchful we should be and how much we should try to assist each other. God requires the Saints to be a peculiar people and still they can not have confidence in Cooperation when it is the assertion that it is to build up Zion to bring us into that unity that God would introduce called the United Order. Strange as it is it is true some of the Saints stop and ponder over it they can not reallise that it is part of the Gospel but feel that it must be investigated and looked into, it is Strange! I came into the United order when I embraced the Gospel. I put on Christ feeling that I was not [p. 212] my own I stepped out from under Satan and entered an allegience with God what could I have in life extant from this allegience. With my whole soul I have reallised for years that the centre Stake of Zion would not be built without this United Order. There is no other way to return back to back to God our Father We have lived there and in family capcities [capacities] would it not be good to know in what capacity we consented to have our recollection taken from us, or we never could have gained Eternal Salvation, will it not be good to get back and regain that reccollection? how necsessary that we should live for this, if we fail how mortifying to wake lacking in memory how mo[r]tifying to know we have failed. One has just as much at stake as another. We can not Lay our religion on the shelf taking it up today laying it aside tomorrow we have got to wake up, be first and fore most to live our religion. [p. 213] We fill an important position, we should be more strict than any of the inhabitants of the world. what was the feelings of the most of us when we embraced this Gospel We embraced it with our whole hearts we laid all on the alter, we have not received any thing that we have a right to call our own, we are in Fathers family we are like children, those that work best shall receive the most says one my husband in faithful, When the Apostles were upon the earth they could not accomplish their work without Holy Women, nor can they in these days, by holy women do we mean perfect women? No, but I think it is to be pretty good Saints and work hard. it is not to put on a cloack [cloak] of religion and attend meeting on Sundays and laying aside during the week. Never by doing so shall we obtain that we are seeking after, if we obtain Celestial glory we have got to lay every thing aside if we have not energy enough to live [p. 214] for eternal glory we shall not gain it and who will be contented without that God holds out the great blessings and priviliges for us to become queens and Godesses I had rather struggle on and gain in full what God has in store for us. The things of life so absorbes our time we lose the Spirit, we cannot abide Celestial Marriage, if we cannot do it when we get back and see what we have lost we shall be in shame that we could not bear here that which was for our Eternal glory and I am of the opinion that instead of being in Fathers presence we shall receive a glory the same as the moon receives light I am trying to live so as to gain a place in Fathers presence I have lived in plural Marriage taught by Joseph Smith when I never expected to be acknowledeged as a wife. Could you Stand this? we lived in many years when we were looked down upon even by the Saints but it did not kill us we are living yet. We do not [p. 215] know what we can live through until we try it there is nothing I regret a few received it and we were looked upon as women that were not virtuous I was very tenacious about virtue but I knew through the Spirit of God it was a principle of Eternal Salvation and exaltation. Sisters if any fall remember we are frail and prone to go astray. Sisters have compassion the Devil is trying to lead us astray My Sisters we must watch. There never was a day when there was more need and cause to watch than now. Mothers watch over your daughters watch over your sons. If any woman meets with a great misfortune lend them a helping hand and raise them up. In the days of Jesus when a woman came to him the disciples rebuked her Christ said let those without sin cast the first stone all past out and none condemned her he said where are thine accusers she answered they are none [p. 216] Jesus said neither do I accuse thee go thy way. If any have gone astr[a]y do all you can to save them tis better to save than to destroy I say to my Sisters I have watched those that have been decoyed in to sin they have been neglectful of their duties have not been found in their Relief Meetings & what is the result they are off their guard & Satan takes advantage. We need careful watching we need each others aid Sisters rouse up let your faces be seen here lift up your voices be humble, prayerful, and watchful I have been through scenes that would make your heart quake. at the dedication of laying (the foundation) the corner stone of the temple in Salt Lake City Prest [Brigham] Young told the people they should have all the persecution they could endure. If we continue the cultivation of the Spirit of God no matter what comes life or death it will be sweet I have been in gentile courts and testified for the brethren you may have to do the same [p. 217] We should have no fear, we should be united I believe if we would live up to the United Order God would not suffer these officials to have the power they do, they do not regard the Constitution or God, We need something to draw us together, it is a great work and it takes time the United Order is one of the most important items in the Gospel of the Son of God I dont get tired Sisters of talking of the work of God. Nothing pleases me better than to see my Sisters awake to their duties. Woman gives tone to Society we cannot obtain the great bless[ings] that are in store for us by living half or by doing everything up before feeding the soul a great many of the Sisters want to get all the work done or they cant go to meeting I wish to appreciate immortal souls as immortal bodies if we only could how happy we should be every Sister would want to bear her testimony. We do not bless each other enough the angels of God are brooding over us if our eyes were touched we could see them [p. 218] if our ears were touched we could hear Celestial Music, once a quire [choir] passed over Kirtland Several heard it were touched and sung with them I have never heard this Celestial music I have heard a great deal we are living beneath our privileges.

Sisters dont speak against the United Order keep still till your understandings are touched and then you will see it. Years ago I saw the Saints with not one corroding feeling happiness without alloy we will attain to it if we are faithful to the covenants we have made. I feel to urge my Sisters to be careful Jedediah [M.] Grant remarked once that hell was let out for noon I should think it was let out for all day. Let our enemies come God is more powerful than they. We were told years ago that the Lama[n]ites would be a Shield Heavenly messingers have appeared to them telling them Brigham is a prophet and they are being baptised by hundreds which shows God is at work. My Sisters let us be [p. 219] faithful if ye love me said the Saviour keep my commandments I bless you in the name of Jesus of Nasareth that you may have a halo around you that you may bless every one you meet and have power to overcome and withstand every temptation and your names be had in honorable remembrance before the most high God

Sister Zina D. [H.] Young Sisters I would wish that God would give words of comfort & peace to speak unto you in speaking of Kirtland, once my ears were touched and I heard that heavenly music that Sister Eliza has spoken of [. . .] [p. 220] [. . .] Life is short I do not wish to be young again, Sister Snow looks more like living now than she did 30 years ago [. . .] [p. 221] [. . .]

Sister Sarah [S.] Richards Beloved Sisters I would like to say a word or two we have been having a feast it is a great blessing to have such Sisters to come among us to teach us. I ask God my Heavenly Father to implant their sayings on each and every heart I feel I would like it pinned on my sleeve so I could see it every day [. . .] [p. 222] [. . .]

Sister H. [Harriet] C. Brown [. . .] we have had beautiful instruction it has brought tears to my eyes [. . .] I have listened to that beautiful music the Sisters have told of. [. . .] [p. 223] [. . .]

Sister J. [Jane] S. Richards Sisters I feel truly thankful for this privilege I want to live up to it there are many here that I never see here come & help us along if you would all come we and exercise faith we might become mor like Sister Snow & Young I feel bad for those that do not come to bless us & themselves. [. . .]

Sister Sarah A. Herrick [. . .] I am thankful the sisters have come among us again I desire to do right & overcome evil propensities, She then spoke in tongues. Sister Snow wished to remark [p. 224] that one word differently sounded gave different words. Sister Zina Young then gave the interpretation. [. . .]

Sister Eliza Snow Sister Richards says for me to say a few words it is time to close I teach obedience and I must speak else my teaching would have no effect Disobedience brought calamity <up>on the world. I wish to say a word more about the Sisters speaking [p. 225] often here, if you will open your mouths and speak the Lord will give you his Spirit. Let a person speak with the Spirit of God in their hearts and you will be blest. When you are humble like little children how good each one feels if any one feels that way let them speak to Sister Richards. Joseph Smith wanted us to improve ourselves to make us noble in womanhood. Sisters I have enjoyed this meeting very much the Spirit of God has been here and the angels have been here. And I feel to say God bless you My Sisters.

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Benediction by Sister

Eliza R Snow. [p. 226]

Source Note

Weber Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1867–1968), vol. 3 (1873–1874), pp. 210–226, CHL (LR 9970 14); Amelia M. Frodsham, Secretary.

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