4 October 1876

Salt Lake County Relief Societies; Council House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Two-story, stone-brick building with three chimneys and a lightning rod

Salt Lake City Council House, built in 1849. Photograph taken in 1869. (Courtesy Church History Library.)

On Wednesday, Oct. 4th, at 2 o’clock p.m., the officers and members of the Relief Society from all the different wards of the city and vicinity convened in the Council House by previous appointment. President Miss E. R. Snow arose and explained to the sisters that President B. [Brigham] Young would not be present, as had been anticipated, but would send his private Secretary with a communication. She then nominated Mrs. M. I. [Mary Isabella Hales] Horne to preside over the meeting, and Mrs. E. [Emmeline] B. Wells to act as Secretary, which motions were unanimously carried.

[. . .] Elder George Reynolds, having arrived with President Young’s communication [. . .]

After reading this letter, Brother Reynolds made some very suggestive and appropriate remarks on home industries and the great desire President Young felt to have the people push forward in the development of home-manufacture.

An organization was formed by electing the following persons as officers of the association. Miss E. R. Snow, President; Mrs. Priscilla Stains [Staines], Vice President; Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, Secretary; Mrs. Bathsheba [W.] Smith, Treasurer; Mrs. Sarah M. Kimball, Mrs. Lydia Ann Wells, Mrs. Phebe [C.] Woodruff, Mrs. Presendia [H.] Kimball, Directors.

Many excellent remarks were made by the officers and such suggestions by Miss E. R. Snow and others, as were adapted to the occasion and organization of the association. After all the business had been transacted which seemed requisite at the time, the officers of the board were requested to meet at the Old Constitution building at 6 o’clock the same evening, and after singing and prayer the Convention adjourned sine die.

[. . .] [p. 77]

Source Note

Home Affairs: A Woman’s Convention,” Woman’s Exponent 5, no. 10 (15 Oct. 1876): 77.

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