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12 March 1878

Brigham City Relief Society; Brigham City, Utah Territory

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Sister Eliza R Snow Said she was happy to meet with her sisters said I have been reading your report and see much good has been accomplished we have got to learn to be selfsustaining and make our own wearing aparell we could see by the strikes a little how it would be if our surplies were cut off from babylon the Lord has called the brethren on missions it is now the duty of the sisters to take hold of home industries the sisters must be united keep the spirit of the Lord to guide them

you have not the outside influences to contend with others have this is because of your union advised the sisters to do all they could towards sericulture could not do any thing that would be as remunerative

said we are authorized to reorganize Y L M S associations in to four different wards also the R S some of the brethren will meet with us tomorrow morning at ten oclock when it will be attended to did not wish the sisters to slacken their energies but start with renewed vigor after the societies are divided each one should do their duties towards making meeting interesting advised the sisters to cultivate the spirit of patience try to comfort and strengthen those who are afflicted

said it is not sertain ones who are set a part to administer to the sick as some have supposed but every faithful sister who has had her endowments has the right to administer to the sick and claim the blessings of the Lord1 [p. 99]

Sister M I [Mary Isabella] Horne [. . .] said the Palestine turist the second addition of Sister E. R. Snows poems and the exponant should be in every house of the saints [. . .] p. 100] [. . .]

Sister E. R. Snow.

Made a few instructive remarks concurning [concerning] the gift of tongues said it was a sacred gift, and required great wisdom; was one that always belonged to the church, we are told it was one of the least, still it is a sacred gift it was given to her without seeking for it and she desired to use it with wisdom, when the elders visit nations that have not a writen language it will be given them through this gift, but when there is a language that can be studyed it must be learned.

Sister Margrett [Margaret] P. Young.

Sang a song of Zion which was interprited by Sister Zina D. Young. <said it was the (pure language spoken around the throne of God)> Sister E. R. Snow,

Blessed the congregation in an unknown tongue which was also interpeded by Zina D. Young.2

[. . .] [p. 101]

Source Note

Box Elder Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1857–1944), vol. 3 (1875–1884), pp. 99–101, CHL (LR 933 14); Phebe A. Snow, Secretary.

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