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27 February 1876

Scandinavian Relief Society, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

Sister Snow opened with prayer.

Sister [Sophie] Winborg spoke to the assembly.

I am glad to be here: for I feel that the Spirit of the lord will be with us, and it is good to gather together and talk about the things that can strengthen and encourage us in our faith, that thereby we can harvest blessings and strength to go forward and perform the duties that rest upon us, and I pray the Lord that he will give us strength and power for Christ’s sake; amen.

Sister Snow spoke next.

I feel glad and content to be here so I can be edified and strengthened in my soul, for if we gather for that purpose the lord will pour his Spirit over us in rich measure, and we will be able to talk of such things for our instruction and encouragement in that which is pleasing to God, and if we will continue to walk faithfully forward on the road that we have started to tread, it will lead us to eternal life and salvation in the kingdom of God our father, may the Lord’s blessing rest upon us for Christ’s sake, amen.

Sister Christine Jensen spoke next.

I am glad to be among you sisters, that I with you might be edified and strengthened in my faith, so that I will be able to serve the Lord in Spirit and truth, that I will prepare for myself a home in his kingdom [. . .] [p. 51]

Sister Sophie Winborg then arose.

I am pleased to be gathered with you and I feel happy and content in the gospel, and I feel the Spirit of the Lord is poured over us here. [. . .] I am pleased to hear sister Elisa Snow speak and I desire to put her council into practice. May the Lord bless her and all of us for Christ’s sake, amen. [. . .]

Sister Ileane Olsen then arose.

I feel edified by being in your midst and feel the Spirit of the lord is poured upon us here. I am pleased that our beloved sister Snow and the sisters have come to our meeting. I consider our sister Elise Snow as a mother to us, and I would very much like to learn from her and learn all things pertaining to the kingdom of God. [. . .] [p. 52]

[. . .]

Sister Elisa Snow spoke to the meeting.

I am pleased to be present here. I have for a long time longed to see and hear my Scandinavian sisters here, and I feel the Spirit of the Lord being poured out in rich measure. Even though I don’t understand your language, I feel the Spirit of the Lord is present here, and I feel enlivened to be here. It is good to come together for the purpose of [illegible] the Lord our Father and He will pour out His Spirit upon us, and we will all be enlivened. We know that we are in the flesh and we need at all times to learn about the ways of the Lord, that we may be able to walk in His paths; for this life is full of temptations and adversity, and as we are a people who desire to serve the Lord it is necessary to gather together to experience the Spirit that God bestows upon us, and which will alone keep us upright, and what joy and privilege [p. 53] and blessing that we have a God and Father who never forsakes his people, him in whom we can place our trust, who will lead us by the hand forward to eternal life, eternal joy in His kingdom—yea, if we could that reflect His goodness to us, he will lead us onward to victory over the world and over the resistance of all our enemies, which blessed my soul can never be neglected. He who wants us to do His will, and brothers and sisters, let us never give in to tribulations, for the lord knows everything that is best for us, and let us always see it in the right light, for the lord says that He wants a tried people. Let us always seek to have the spirit of unity so that we might become one in spirit and truth at all times seek to have peace with each other, peace in our hearts, for then we have peace with God.

May the Lord bless us and all of God’s children is my prayer, amen.

[. . .] [p. 54]

Source Note

Salt Lake Stake, Scandinavian Relief Society Minute Book (1875–1879), pp. 51–54, CHL (LR 604 41). Original in Danish; translated to English in 2020.

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