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29 January 1874

Mound Fort Relief Society; Mound Fort Schoolhouse, Ogden, Utah Territory

According to privious appointment Sister Elzia R Snow Zina [D. H.] Young and Jain [Jane S.] Richards met with the Sisters of the Ninth District In the Mound Fourt School House for the purpose of giving instruction and organising a Relief Society.

[. . .]

Sister Eliza R Snow Adressed the Mee[t]ing on the importance of having organised in ever[y] Settlement a Relief Society not merely to adminster to the wants of the poor in Temporal matters, but to councal [counsel], instruct and minster words of comfort and Salvation. That none should be admitted to membership who were of doubtfull character A good Reccomend should be maid [made on?] the basis of membership. She wish to mention this becouse [because] it might be, in the future nesessary to act upon it in Order to keep out of the Society those who are not worthy to belong to it

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[. . .] Sister Snow again adressed the meeting she said I can now adress a Relief Society as soon as convenent [convenient] it will be nesessery to elect an asistant secretary all officers must be voted in as the first were app[o]inted If you have any Important thing to Accomplish let it be laid before the meeting that Confidence may be established we shall want some members I want to tell you how to make your salvs [selves] very Important to the Society so that thay will not [know?] to do with out you Allways be on hand and ready to do your duty. We want to the Sister who wish to be come [become] members to come farward and give in thire [their] names the following give in thire names and were accepted

[. . .] [p. 2]

[. . .] all were accepted by unanimous vote Sister Snow aske[d] the Society if it was Consistent with thire feelings to have Sister Richards appointed President of all the Societies in Weaber [Weber] County but not unfringe [infringe] upon the rights of the Local pres[i]dents

Sister Young moti[o]ned that Sister Richards be appointed presidant of the Relief Societies of Weber County

[. . .] [p. 3]

Source Note

Mound Fort Ward, Weber Stake, Relief Society Meetings and Minutes (1874–1908), vol. 1 (1874–1884), pp. 1–3, CHL (LR 11968 14).

See also Susan Moore, Mary Farr, Annie Taylor, Annie D. Taylor, and Mary C. Barker, “Correspondence,” Woman’s Exponent 5, no. 23 (1 May 1877): 183.

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