5 May 1878

Samaria Relief Society; Samaria, Idaho Territory

there were present on the stand, Miss E. R. Snow, Mrs [Elizabeth A.] Davis of S. L. [Salt Lake] City [. . .]

[. . .] Miss Snow said it was the first visit she had made to the Malad vall[e]y. she refered to the first Organization of the R. S. by the Prophet Joseph Smith. said there was order in the Or[g]anization of the Church. it was highly nescesary the R. S. sho[u]ld have order. exhorted the Sisters to be awake to their duties as L. D. S. that woman was of great importance that woman Rocked the Cradle, And Rocked the World. spoke of her influence over the Child, even from the Womb of the Mother. for us to cultivate the good qualities we have, & train our Children up aright We had come from Babilon & brought a great many of her customs with us, but that we sho[u]ld strive & lay them aside, & be as a candle set on a hill to the World, that if we were we, wo[u]ld not have the Grasshoppers in our midst as we did & other destrutive inse[c]ts. instructed the Sisters never to try & prevent their Husbands in fulfiling their Offices as Elders in Isreal, but to encourage them, and what influence Woman had, even over her Husband, for us to make good use of that influence. spoke of home industry, for the sisters to try & get home made clothing to wear, that she was clad in home made her self. spoke on Silk culture. she wo[u]ld like to see us tak[e] hold in some branch of Industry, for us to be good to the Poore, and to store grain and keep it for a day of Famin[e] & not use it on anny consideration, but to keep it sacred, to ask the Lord to bless our efforts [p. 34] spoke on union, for us to simpathize one with the other spoke of the pre exhistence of man, for us to live so that when whe leave this exhistence, we should return back to our Heavenly Parents. on account of Sister Doratha Thomas is poore health, it was moved by Miss Snow, she resigne as Presedent of the Relief Society. Carried unanimously. Miss Snow moved a vote of thanks sho[u]ld be rendered by the members of the Society to Sister Thomas which was carried unanimously [. . .] [p. 35]

Source Note

Samaria Ward, Malad Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1875–1973), vol. 1 (1875–1889), pp. 34–35, CHL (LR 7849 14); Mary D. Davis, Secretary.

See also Elizabeth Davis, “The Sisters’ Visit North,” Woman’s Exponent 7, no. 1 (1 June 1878): 3; and Samaria Ward, Malad Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1875–1973), vol. 1 1875–1889), p. 33, Mary D. Davis, Secretary.

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