4 March 1874

Salt Lake City Sixteenth Ward Relief Society; Sixteenth Ward Schoolhouse, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory

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Remarks by Sister E. R. Snow.

she said now really I did not know you could raise [p. 283] so good looking a congr[e]gation of ladies. I feel it an honor to stand before this assembly. I wish I could do justice to you and this glorious cause. I am not a public speaker I want your faith and prayers lift your faith and prayers for those who speak for the welfare of the young the subject of the welfare of the people of God and the cultivation of the children of Zion I am interested in. I have prayed over I have wept over I have mourned over the condition of the young in this kingdom. I have seen money gathered togather to emigrate the poor from the nations of the earth and the young of this kingdom neglected. I have seen the children rise and speak of the goodness of God they spoke in tongues the sick were healed. they were proud of their religion they cared no more than the Elderly what was said about them. they had really the Holy Ghost with them. they were born of parents that held the Holy Preisthood they felt they were on Zions Ship they and their parents could go to meeting and talk on the things of the kingdom but now Mothers look on the fashions of the world dress their daughters put on every ruffle just in order, not that I feel to blame their Mothers they should realize their children if ever they know what the sweet spirit of God is they will have to live for that blessing, so far as school education is concerned we are highly favored. in that, you may bestow all the book kowledge [knowledge] but without the spirit of God they are trained for Babylon. This will never qualify them for Zion. we talk to our young to scorn the fashions of the world we must put them in a position to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they will be able to discern truth from errer light from darkness. Jesus said if I go away I will send the comforter. the children borne in this kingdom are anxious to be baptized when eight year old, many of President Youngs [Brigham Young’s] children were baptized before they were eight and that was the last of it. they do not know whether it is true or not, if they had been properly trained at home they would not have been willing to go to every beck and call of the world. four years ago Brother Young told Sister [Mary Isabella] Horne, Sister [Margaret T.] Smoot, and myself to organize his daughters and for them to lead out. they could not have the proper instruction from their Mothers that they might improve mentally and physically, as was necessary for the young ladies in Zion. we have called on [p. 284] some of them to be educated as doctors in Zion, to adminestr [administer] to those that feel they must have a doctor when sick. we have also called on some of the young ladies to learn type setting, and we shall soon be calling on the sisters to act in more responsible positions. I am truly glad we have a young ladies association in this ward. when I look upon the young men and young ladies I see the future leaders of Israel not to shine in the follies of this world, do the mothers [word smudged] of this by day and by night to see them properly <trained> for the positions they are expected to ocupy. our young men are to become heavenly kings and our young women queens. if an eart[h]ly king has a son born to him he is educated and trained to take his fathers place, but you want a higher education for the position of priests and priestesses to stand in holy places. this is the destiny of the young in Zion. They will not attaine it without a preparation here. eve[r]y mother and every father want to see their children useful good and happy. I want the people to reflect upon it, what is so important It would be less expense to train <them> here than fetch from distant lands. the result would be better. all parents want their children to be good and honor them. cast in your minds and see if the children have had the culture the animal creatures have. I see the young men on the sidewalks, with cigars in their mouths and they frequent the saloons. preposterous. some spirits are rebellious some say young men must be sent on missions to learn that the Gospel is true. they should learn that in Zion. I notice that those sent out to learn it is true forget it when they return. One young man sent to a foreign land to preach the Gospel arose before a congregation and said I can ride bronco but I cant preach. the saints stared at him. how much better would it have been for him to have been educated in the scriptures and understood the principles of the Gospel than to have exposed his ignorance in a foreign land. Young Sisters dont be discouraged if you meet with opposition. you can become leaders of righteousness. Those that have been faithful are full of wisdom and intelligence. it will be natural for instance when the young children played meeting they spoke in tongues and prophecied [prophesied] and got happy and the spirit of God rested upon [p. 285] them. in Ogden the young people enjoy meetings more than dancing this winter, the young ladies have organized a society and they invited the young men to their meeting fifty nine young people arose and bore their testimony to the truths of the Gospel. their meeting continued till 11 Oclock at night. the highest aspiration that pervades the human mind is the fulness of the Gospel it is generally said youth is the time for pleasure but there is always pleasure for those who live their religion. God bless my young Sisters and God bless the young men we organized a society in Ogden Valley, and they i[n]vited all the young men who did not use tobacco to attend their meetings, and not one had cultivated the habit. God bless you all.

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Source Note

Sixteenth Ward, Riverside Stake, Relief Society Minutes and Records (1868–1968), vol. 1 (1868–1879), pp. 283–286, CHL (LR 8335 14); Cynthia A. Eldredge, Secretary.

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